News: Photography Tutorial: Lens Reversing Macro

Photography Tutorial: Lens Reversing Macro
written by Jagannath - Using a cheap ring, one can achieve amazing macro without the need for expensive macro lens, all you need is your camera and a lens reversing ring! [...]

News: Photoshop Tutorial: Create the HTC One Smartphone from Scratch

Photoshop Tutorial: Create the HTC One Smartphone from Scratch
written by Jagannath - Create the awesome looking new HTC one 2013 in Photoshop. [...]

News: 50 Poetic Depictions of Unicorns

50 Poetic Depictions of Unicorns
Some say they still exist somewhere in Patagonia. Considering how every legend has a seed of truth in it and thinking that this animal is the object of countless legends, one must believe! [...]





Written Photoshop Tutorial

How to Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker
In this tutorial we will use some simple techniques to create a splashing s [...]

Photoshop Video Tutorial

Painted Background Effect - Clearly Commentated
Up for another Photoshop tutorial? In this video I go over some photo edit [...]

Written GIMP Tutorial

Colorizing a Black and White Photo Using Layer Masking
Here is a simple technique that allows you to colorize black and white imag [...]

GIMP Video Tutorial

Patterns: Offset Tiles
This beginners video tutorial will go through the process of creating cool [...]

Written Illustrator Tutorial

How to Create a Polygonal Vector Mosaic
In this tutorial we will create a mosaic consisting of polygons. Free Scri [...]

Illustrator Video Tutorial

How to design a logo using Adobe Illustrator
In this video I retrace the steps of the development of my Southeastern Mis [...]

Written Bryce Tutorial

Model and Texture a Low Poly Race Track
Today I am going to show you to to make a small, low poly track in Blender [...]

Bryce Video Tutorial

Negative Light
This tutorial will show you another interesting way of using lights in the [...]

Written Fireworks Tutorial

Learn How to Create a Smart 2D Button with Rollover Effect
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a neat button with 2D effect [...]

Fireworks Video Tutorial

Using States and Behaviors
Today, we’re going to be showing you how to create multiple “b [...]

Written Image-Ready Tutorial

Making Editable Letterpress Styled Text
This tutorial will take you through the making Editable Letterpress Styled [...]

Image-Ready Video Tutorial

How to make a Gif Tag
How to do a gif tag - Photoshop and Imageready tutorial. [...]

Written Indesign Tutorial

Digg and Twitter style Follow and Unfollow Application using Ajax, Jquery and PHP
This tutorial teaches you how a create Digg and Twitter styles of Follow an [...]

Indesign Video Tutorial

Relink to Folder
Learn how to relink to folder with this video tutorial and InDesign CS4. [...]

Written Photoshop-Elements Tutorial

Striped Photo Background
Find out how to make a striped background to frame your photo! [...]

Photoshop-Elements Video Tutorial

How to Make Scrapbook Paper – Industrial Grunge
In this Photoshop Elements 9 video, you will learn how to make scrapbook p [...]

Written Photoshop-Lightroom Tutorial

Use Lightroom Magic to Make your Food Photos Look More Delicious
Are you a food photographer or restaurant owner? Here are some secrets used [...]

Photoshop-Lightroom Video Tutorial

Survey View
In this Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 video tutorial you'll see how the Surve [...]

Written Corel-Painter Tutorial

Photo Effects - To Make you Look Like a Photo Professional
This tutorial has been written for CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5. While s [...]

Corel-Painter Video Tutorial

Character Painting Techniques
Painting A Portrait In Painter 11. Follow this video tutorial to learn some [...]

Written Coreldraw Tutorial

Creating a Retro Portrait
In this tutorial I will tell you how to easily create a retro portrait in C [...]

Coreldraw Video Tutorial

X5 Dimension Line
This tutorial shows you how to apply dimensions to your objects in Corel Dr [...]

Written Paintshop-Pro Tutorial

Pencil Sketch for Photo
1. Open original image in Paint Shop Pro Go to layer, new raster layer [...]

Paintshop-Pro Video Tutorial

Makeover Tools, Skin Smoothing and the Sharpen Brush
This Paintshop Pro video tutorial will teach you how to use the PSP Makeove [...]

Written Autocad Tutorial

Modelling in Google Sketchup using a CAD base drawing
In this quick tutorial I will explain how to create a 3d model lamp in Goog [...]

Autocad Video Tutorial

The Basics of Text
This tutorial shows how to work with text in AutoCAD and create different s [...]

Written 3DS-Max Tutorial

Using MAXScript to animate an advertisement
In this tutorial we will for the first time get into the animation proces [...]

3DS-Max Video Tutorial

The Making of a Basic Rope
In this video tutorial we will demonstrates a range of techniques in 3DS M [...]

Written Carrara Tutorial

Making a Goblet
In today's tutorial we will be making a goblet in Carrara. (Vertex modelli [...]

Carrara Video Tutorial

2D and 3D Objects
This is an easy to follow video tutorial that's ideal for getting started w [...]

Written Cinema-4D Tutorial

Create a equalizer 3D wallpaper
In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a 3D equalizer wallpaper in [...]

Cinema-4D Video Tutorial

C4D Tutorial Animated Spheres
Hello Internet, Okay so this is my first short tutorial, step by step, a [...]

Written Maya Tutorial

bhGhost: Onion Skinning/Ghosting Tool for Maya by Brian Horgan
Brian Horgan shares the great animation tool he wrote for Maya, which provi [...]

Maya Video Tutorial

Facial Rigging
This video tutorial, by polyface, presents an easy understandable way of ho [...]

Written Poser Tutorial

Create a Stunning 3D Liquid Explosion Artwork
3D renders are often combined with vector elements and photostock elements [...]

Poser Video Tutorial

The Graph Editor
The first in a series of animation tutorials aimed at the beginner poser an [...]

Written Rhino Tutorial

From Rhino to 3D PDF in Just a Click
This tutorial will show how to create a 3D PDF file from Rhino 3.0 using Ad [...]

Rhino Video Tutorial

Flow Along Surface
In this video tutorial we use the flow along surface command in Rhino. [...]

Written Swift Tutorial

How to make Navigation Bar in Flash having Mouse Over Behavior
In this Flash Tutorial we are going to make a Navigation Bar which will be [...]

Swift Video Tutorial

How to Make 3D Text Fly Around Objects
In this tutorial we will show you how to use Swift3d to animate a 3d flying [...]

Written ZBrush Tutorial

Making Of Eugenio Garcia's 'Desert Gas Station' image
Inspired by old B movies, Eugenio Garcia covers the whole process of his im [...]

ZBrush Video Tutorial

Subtools for Referencing
This tutorial outlines some of the referencing possibilities of subtools in [...]

Written Daz-Studio Tutorial

Create a Winking Animation
Wink Animation: Image Series Method - DAZ Studio tutorial for the beginners [...]

Daz-Studio Video Tutorial

Game Character Creation
In today's video tutorial we'll be creating characters for computer games u [...]

Written Terragen Tutorial

We were asked to write a tutorial on how we came up with this fogged look, [...]

Terragen Video Tutorial

Skybox Rendering Using in HLAE SkyManager
In the following tutorial we want show you how you can render a sky with T [...]

Written Vue Tutorial

Making QTVR Movies
What is a QTVR? This stands for QuickTime Virtual Reality - it's basically [...]

Vue Video Tutorial

Making of Marbles
This is a video we made to show how you can create your own marbles. [...]

Written Mudbox Tutorial

Making Of Emanuel Da Silva Luz 'Talos' image
Emanuel Da Silva Luz gives us a comprehensive look into the creation proces [...]

Mudbox Video Tutorial

Techniques for Props - Tileable Stone
This is a video tutorial about creating tileable stone normals with Mudbox [...]

Written Houdini Tutorial

Making of Rohan Dalvi's 'Power Plant' image
Rohan Dalvi delves into the mysterious realm of Houdini while creating this [...]

Houdini Video Tutorial

Smoke: Upres
In this video tutorial we'll have a look at some smoke techniques. This use [...]

Written Traditional-Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Female Torso
There’s a reason why wooden art mannequins are so effective. They br [...]

Traditional-Drawing Video Tutorial

Drawing Beautiful Manga Art
This video tutorial will teach you some tips about how to draw beautiful an [...]