Pxleyes' Magazine: The Eye

"The Eye" is Pxleyes' own magazine. It's invented and created by Rob van den Nieuwendijk, one of our earliest members and moderator here on Pxleyes. In our magazines, you can find plenty of useful tutorials, interviews (with pxl members and famous photographers/artists), fun(ny) stuff and of course, "Pxl on Tour"! A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the magazine!

Pxleyes magazine - the final eye

The Eye 11 - Final edition :(

  • 400+ pages of Pxleyes goodness with only the absolute best contest entries.
  • Statistics that have never been published before.
  • A list of ALL members who ever contributed at least 1 entry in the contests.
  • Goodbye testimonials from loyal members.
  • Pictures of all of the mods since the very very beginning.
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 10

The Eye 10:

  • For the love of gaming: Assassin's Creed 3: an interview with The Chinh Ngo, the art director of one of the biggest blockbusters in gaming of last year. We asked him how a game of this magnitude is made and focused on the design process.
  • For the love of fashion: Oliver Oettli is a photographer from Switzerland who just loves fashion-shoots. How is his workflow, what comes up in preparing a fashion-shoot in Mongolia and more.
  • For the love of illustration: Alex Negrea: freelance illustrator and currently working on the game 'Legends of Cryptids'. A journey into his world of fantasy and creativity.
  • For the love of science: What is love? We asked ourselves that question and dove into the world of science to see if we could come up with an answer to this question. How does science define this best feeling of all?
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 09

The Eye 9:

  • This time THE EYE is themed, we took the word ‘WATER’ and took this as wide as possible. Several interviews with great photographers like Seth Casteel, Mark Gray and a German team called Art & Water; David Benz and Melanie Schuler.
  • You might have seen Seth Casteel's underwater dog photos on the net or in some magazine, we had a talk with him about those photos and his just released book ‘Underwater Dogs’.
  • A year ago we send the PXL ON TOUR shirt on a worldwide journey to visit as many PXLEYES members as possible… The year is over and the shirt return save where it started, read up on this and see what members wrote in the diary which traveled with the shirt.
  • Karol took ‘One Photo a Day’ and shows us how her month of September looks like.
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 08

The Eye 8:

  • Pxl on tour 4
  • One photo a day by Friiskiwi
  • Photography for Dummies: Shutterspeed
  • Homestories: EmiK and Akassa
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 07

The Eye 7:

  • Pxl on tour 3
  • Photoshop hidden secrets: Content Aware Scale
  • Photography for Dummies: F/stop
  • Chain interviews: Wazowski & Tnaylor
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 06

The Eye 6:

  • Pxl on tour 2
  • Create your own portfolio site
  • Chain interviews: Riady, Roon & WYSIWYG
  • Homestories: Heathcliffe & Artgirl1935
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 05

The Eye 5:

  • Pxl on tour 1
  • World Press Photo 2011
  • Chain interviews: MQTRF, Robart523 & Remsphoto
  • Homestories: George55, Nator & Artifacts
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 04

The Eye 4:

  • Pxl on tour start
  • Pxleyes Pin-up Calendar
  • Antwerp Calling; visiting our admin
  • Chain interviews: Kyricom, Nasirkhan & K5683
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 03

The Eye 3:

  • Waterdrops, like you never seen them before
  • Paint, it's history
  • Members asked mods
  • Artgrid 1 finished
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 02

The Eye 2:

  • Photo competition
  • Flat Monty
  • Ins and Outs on Voting
  • Interview with Mister Monty
  • ... And much more!
Pxleyes magazine - the eye 01

The Eye 1:

  • All entries from 2011
  • All entries from 2010