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Lens Reversing Macro - Photography Tutorial

Using a cheap ring, one can achieve amazing macro without the need for expensive macro lens, all you need is your camera and a lens reversing ring!
submitted: 5 years and 1110 days ago

Written by: Jagannath
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Create Your Own Custom Bokeh - Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create your own custom bokeh kit. Bokeh is defined as is the blur or the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image. Bokeh has also been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light" Bokeh is most noticeable in the highlights [...]
submitted: 5 years and 1632 days ago

Written by: UncleJimmy
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Get Your Exposures Right with Spot Metering - Photography Tutorial

All digital SLR cameras today come with a built in light meter. The TTL, or Through The Lens meter is a crucial tool that helps you get exposures right. However, it is only a tool and it can and does give you wrongly exposed photographs is you follow its readings like a holy book! Let us look at spot [...]
submitted: 5 years and 1878 days ago

Written by: sidphoto
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Drastically Improve Your Photos in Less Than 5 Minutes - Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial I will try to show you how to improve your photos in just five minutes with some adjustment layers.
Although the process of this tutorial is made with Photoshop CS5 it may also be made with the CS3 version and above of this program.

You do not need to be an experienced user since [...]
submitted: 5 years and 1902 days ago

Written by: mqtrf
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Using Pop-Up Flash With Ambient Light Creatively - Photography Tutorial

Alright, so you know what flash photography is about. It’s pretty simple to pop up your pop-up flash and make accurate exposures leaving the flash on AUTO mode, right? On the other hand, this approach gives you absolutely flat lighting with a zero artistic touch. Anyone in their right mind would [...]
submitted: 5 years and 1910 days ago

Written by: sidphoto
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DIY - Create Budget Flash Diffusers from a Milk Jug - Photography Tutorial

While searching for ways to make cheap camera accessories, I came across a "do it yourself" project for a poor mans ring flash http://www.adidap.com/2007/12/20/diy-poors-man-ring-flash/ I tried making this ring flash and did not like it, but in the process, I had many ideas of how to make my own accessories [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2075 days ago

Written by: k5683
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How to Create a Low-Budget Reflector or Diffusor - Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a collapsable disc reflector or diffuser out of a vehicle sun shade for about $10. You may even find them at a resale store for $0.99 like I did!
submitted: 5 years and 2077 days ago

Written by: k5683
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How to Make a Cheap DIY Ring Light - Photography Tutorial

We know this effect from glamour photos and music clips, the ring of lights in the eyes. The original ring lights are expensive and not affordable for us normal mortals, so this is a way to create the same effect for little money.

This is what I used in this tutorial:
1. a piece of think card board, [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2144 days ago

Written by: robvdn
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The Ultimate Guide to Macro Bug Photography - Photography Tutorial

This tutorial will go through steps you need to take to get incredible macro shots of bugs. There are different settings to get each shot... but in this tutorial I go over what I prefer to do to ensure a more eye-appealing shot.

Let's get started!
submitted: 5 years and 2152 days ago

Written by: MnMCarta
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Create Natural High Dynamic Range Images Without Noise - Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial I will try to show how to get a high dynamic range, noise-free image with the combination of three shots. The difference using this technique is that the generated HDR looks totally natural for the viewer, whereas the HDR programs tend to make too much 'painted' photos that are noisy [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2553 days ago

Written by: mqtrf
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