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HDR photography and Tone Mapping - Photography Tutorial

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is also known as HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging). It is basically a single image created from the combination of a minimum of three different shots of the same scene taken at different exposures: correctly exposed, overexposed and underexposed. The resulting image will have a higher number of bits per colour channel compared to normal photos...

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How and where to take less conventional photos of Venice - Photography Tutorial

There are many wondrous cities in the world, and in Europe alone, one can argue the compared merits of, say, Rome, Athens, Paris, Madrid or quite a few others. Venice, however, is in a different league from all those prestigious competitors, not only because of its sheer concentration of art in every form and shape, but also because of its unique situation : it is a city built on water, a city literally resting on millions of stilts, where water is everywhere and cars nowhere to be seen - except for the ugly appendage of Piazzale Roma, which all visitors leave behind as soon as they can upon their arrival...

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Composing Your Bird Photographs - Photography Tutorial

Once you have got all the equipment you are going to need (please see my other post - Bird photography - What you need and how to use it) it is time to get out there and and get some photos. Below are a few techniques and tips to help you obtain better bird photos and to produce more 'keepers'. Composing a photo involves you setting parameters in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing photo and whilst this may seem impossible in the field there are some things you can do before you press the shutter button and some you can do afterwards . Please do not take these tips to be set in stone, they should be used as a general rule only, and in some cases you may find that going against the norm produces the best photo...

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Hunting and photographing the Northern Lights - Photography Tutorial

To be able to photograph the Northern Lights, a bit of planning is required. In fact, the Northern Lights are only visible in the "Auroral Oval" at high latitudes around the Polar Circles, and where there is no light pollution, far from the big cities. Some well known areas for photographing the Northern Lights include Lapland and the north of Scandinavia, Alaska and Iceland. It's more difficult to find a good spot in the Southern hemisphere around the Antarctic Circle. In the Southern hemisphere the Southern Lights are called the Aurora Australis...

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Great photo locations around Rome - Photography Tutorial

Rome is a city full of history and historical monuments, most of them easily accessible and in the open air, plenty of opportunities to take breathtaking photos. Being originally built over 7 hills, it's also not difficult to find places where it's possible to observe a beautiful panorama looking at the skyline of the city. The charme of Rome is increased at night, when traffic slows down and there is a more relaxed atmosphere. Below is a selection of 10 locations where to take interesting pictures, with samples of my photos and contributions from other authors.

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Showing the movement: motion blur photography - Photography Tutorial

Motion Blur is a technique intended to capture the movement, instead of having it frozen. The most common way to understand what a motion blur picture is, is to think of a vehicle moving and impressing the sensor in a long exposure photo, and recording a blurred trail...

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Light painting, drawing with light using a long exposure photo - Photography Tutorial

Light painting is not difficult to learn, doesn't require much experience and is a lot of fun! The idea behind this technique is really simple: while shooting a long exposure photo, move a source of light around, this gets recorded onto the sensor of the camera as an abstract drawing or 'light painting'.

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How to Photograph Fireworks - Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to photograph fireworks? Do you need to have a manual SLR (Single Reflective Lens) to achieve nice shots? Here are some tips, guides, and recommendations on how you can achieve some eye-catching creative photography.

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Introduction to Waterfall Photography - Photography Tutorial

Guide on photographing waterfalls that includes the equipment you'll need for photographing waterfalls, compares how shutter speed can affect your photograph, what the best weather conditions are for waterfall photography and more.

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Pulling the Eye: Visual Mass and Composition - Photography Tutorial

In a world dominated by Photoshop, it’s easy to think that any mistakes you make when you take a photo are easy to fix in post-processing. In reality this isn’t true – especially when it comes to composition. There’s more to composition than the rule-of-thirds. You could write a book about it and still only dip into the deep well of knowledge acquired by artists and photographers over the centuries.

This article is about an aspect of composition that you may not have thought about much before – Visual Mass. What is this? Visual Mass is the principle that certain visual elements attract the eye more than others.

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