Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?

This site is for:
  • Contests: You compete with others in graphics and photography contests.
  • Tutorials: Submit your own tutorials and learn from others.

Does it cost money to be active on this site?

No. The artists help making this a great website, so we will keep everything free of charge.

Can I win anything on this site?

Yes, you can earn real money in various different ways:
  • End in the top 3 of a contest. The higher the level, the more you win.
  • Subscribe and win a jackpot contest.
  • Challenge someone for a 1vs1 contest for an amount of credits. The winner earns the credits from the loser of the 1vs1 contest.
  • Write quality tutorials. The higher the quality of your tutorial, the more you earn.

Where can I submit my problems/questions/suggestions?

If you have any questions or problems with registration, uploading images, ... simply send a mail. Also, suggestions for improvements are always welcome. Send your e-mails to

How do I sign up?

Go to the registration page and fill out the form with your desired username, password and e-mail. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds. After signing up you will receive an e-mail to activate your account, so make sure to use a valid e-mail address. (avoid using free e-mail addresses such as hotmail, yahoo, ... as they might block out certain e-mails.) Please note that multiple registrations per ip-adres to manipulate contest results will be logged. After you activated your account, you can log in and start.

What are all these numbers on my profile stats card?

With this card you can keep track of your history on this site. You will see the following numbers:
  • Talent: your talentpoints are calculated according to how many contests you win and how accurate you vote. While your talent goes up, you can participate in advanced and pro contests to win bigger prizes.
  • Pxleyes Points: your Pxleyes points show how active you are on this site. You will get extra advantages in the future when your activity goes up.
  • Activity Rank: your activity on this site compared to others.
  • Contest Entries: the number of images you submitted to the contests.
  • Votes Placed: the number of votes you placed in the contests.
  • Vote Percentage: the percentage of images you voted on since you registered.
  • Vote Power: this number indicates how important your vote is(min. 0, max. 3000) Please read below how votepower works.
  • Comments Placed: the number of comments you placed in the contests.
  • Contests 1st place: the number of contests you ended on first place.
  • Contests 2nd place: the number of contests you ended on second place.
  • Contests 3rd place: the number of contests you ended on third place.
  • Average Score: the average score over all contest entries you ever submitted.
  • Top 3 Percentage: the percentage of your images that ended in the top 3 of a contest.
  • Total Credits Won: the total amount of money you ever won on this site (100 credits = $1).
  • Total Credits In Account: the total amount that is not paid out to you yet (100 credits = $1).
  • Thumb Up Comments: the number of comments you placed that received a thumb up. The author of an image can approve your comment if he/she thinks your comment is useful.

Can we win anything in these contests?

In most contests, you can win credits. 100 Pxleyes credits are worth $1 (USD). The higher the contest level, the more you can win. (see lower on this page). You can use your Pxleyes credits to participate in special jackpot contests, to challenge other members or make a request to payout your credits. To avoid any 'hit-and-run behavior', you'll have to meet the following requirements before requesting a payout of your Pxleyes earnings:
  • 1) A balance of $20 or more in your Pxleyes account...
  • 2) A minimum of 3 entries that finished in the top 3 *OR* 3 published tutorials under your name.
When you have a balance of $20 or more in your account, you can request a payout by sending a mail or PM on the forums. When sending this request, please include your username and send the mail from the same address you used for signing up. Usually this payout is done with paypal, but if you prefer a different method or paypal is not available in your country, simply explain it in your mail!

Are contests divided into skill levels?

Most contests are "Open for all" contests, which means everyone can participate and win the credits. However, few contests work differently:
  • "Open for all" Contests: Everyone can participate and win credits.
  • Beginner Contests: Only users with a level lower than 10 can participate.
  • Leveled Contests: For leveled contests there is a minimum level requirement to participate. Prizes in these contests are higher than in regular contests. Raise your level by winning contests and by voting accurately.

How can I participate in a contest?

  • 1. register for free
  • 2. click on an active contest you want to participate in.
  • 3. click on the 'add an entry for this contest' button.
  • 4. upload your image.

Can I submit more than 1 entry per contest?

Yes. Each contest has a maximum number of entries, but this is more than 1 in most cases. But remember, quality is more important than quantity!

How are contest winners determined?

Contest winners are determined by voting on a 1-100% scale and by voting on specific aspects like perspective or colors. Each registered user can place a vote per image and the weight of this vote is determined by the votepower of the user. Please read below how to gain votepower. When the contest ends, the image with the best score wins the contest. In case of a tie, the image with the most votes wins. The winner of a contest will be announced on our news page each time a contest ends.

What does votepower mean?

Each user has votepower. Votepower represents the importance of your vote. The higher your votepower, the more important your vote. When a new user signs up, he/she starts with 0 votepower. Once the new user has 7 finished entries, he/she can start gaining extra votepower by voting accurately. Your vote counts as 1 vote when you have 100 votepower. When you reach votepower 400, your vote counts as 4 seperate votes, and so on ... A votepower of 199 or lower means your vote counts as 1 seperate vote. A votepower below 100 does not count in the final result. The votepower algorithm takes multiple factors into account and adjusts from time to time. In general, your votepower will increase when you take the time to evaluate entries carefully and vote accordingly. It is not encouraged to just vote a 100% on the entries you like and 1% on the entries you don't like. This is not accurate voting and will result in losing votepower.

What are activity points?

Activity points represent how active you are on Pxleyes. For every action you perform on the site, you get some points.
  • Upload an entry to a contest, a challenge, a chainchop or the art grid: 50 points
  • Upload an entry to an album: 25 points
  • Comment on contests, contest entries, album entries, tutorials, challenges, quicktips, profiles and suggestions: 10 points
  • Write a tutorial: 100 points (after approval)
  • Write a quicktip or step by step guide: 25 points (after approval)
  • Vote on contest entry or tutorial: 10 points
  • Suggest a contest: 10 points