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How to Photograph Bubbles - Photography Video Tutorial

Bubbles are one of the most challenging subjects to photograph. They are round, transparent, reflective and constantly in motion. Bubbles are magical and can make a magical prop when photographing children.

As you noticed in this tutorial, adults can have a lot fun with bubbles as well. :)

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Using an Image to Create a Backdrop - Photography Video Tutorial

In the age of Photoshop some good old techniques are being forgotten. Back in the day, snow or beach scenes where created right inside the studios. Photographers also traveled more often to shoot at exotic locations. Nowadays, most of that magic is done in Photoshop by combining studio shot images with stock photos.

Sometimes using the technique demonstrated in the video can save you time and will help create a rewarding image.

Watch this photography tutorial video to learn how to create a realistic backdrop using photograph or a painting.

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Five Elegant Studio Lighting Setups for Model Shots - Photography Video Tutorial

Models and actors always need fresh images for their portfolios. Photographer's task is to create a diverse set of images / looks that will help the talent in their efforts to get noticed and to get desired jobs.

There are no rules that are set in stone for model or actor portfolio shots, but there are a few things to keep in mind. When photographing a model or actor it’s advisable to understand their needs. For example, a lingerie model will need images that emphasizes on the shape and form of the body. While a dramatic actor, will have more success sending out a head-shot that communicates a certain feeling and will evoke emotions.

Watch this photography tutorial video to learn photography lighting setup how to photograph a female model.

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Adding Drama to Your Images - Photography Video Tutorial

Today we're going to cover the process we use to add drama to an image. By combining HDR, RAW, and B&W images together in Photoshop we can achieve some very unique and stunning effects.

While not applicable to all instances this technique is a great way to really set your work apart.

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Soft Focus Filter Effect - Photography Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use soft focus filter during the long exposure and mixing flash with continuous light.

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Focus Stacking and Bracketing Technique for Marco Jewelry - Photography Video Tutorial

We often use focus stacking for critical product shots, where closed aperture or tilt-shift lens does not provide enough DOF and/or details.

For this photography and Photoshop CS5 tutorial, we have photographed a silver bracelet, positioned at about 45 degree from a camera focusing plane.

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Color Correction: How to Set Custom White Balance in DSLR Camera - Photography Video Tutorial

Color is a visual property of perception. Camera chip interprets the light that passes through the lens in a similar way as our brain interprets the light passing through our eyes. Our perception of color is a result of the journey undertaken by light.

Light travels from the light source onto an object and then it bounces off the object and continues to travels through our eyes onto receptors. Then information received is processed by the brain. The brain, being very considerate of our psyche, it balances the color of the light to a white point (simulating daylight).

The camera works in a similar manner as the human eye + brain: the light enters the lens and falls onto sensor and then the data gets processed and the software/firmware assigns corresponding values based on camera settings.

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Long Exposures with Sparklers and Fireworks - Photography Video Tutorial

One way to enjoy sparklers and fireworks is to simply observe them as a spectator. It might also be fun to blow a few things up yourself, but as a photographer one can do what photographers do best and that is to create beautiful images using time exposure.

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Shoot Yourself, Even on a Bright Sunny Day - Photography Video Tutorial

We decided to make a photography tutorial with a little bit of you in it. Yes, a self portrait. By setting your DSLR camera on timer you can set up a shot and run in to be the star. Then adjusting your mode dial to aperture value or aperture priority you can easily throw the background out of focus and keep the subject, you, in sharp focus. This can be a lot of fun. You can just be yourself or create a character. In this photography lesson we also show you the effect of using the on camera or pop up flash. Give it a try and send us your self-portrait.

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Bottles on White Background - Photography Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we would like to focus on the most essential technique of: Photographing Bottles on White Background. Different beverages require unique approach based on consistency and color of beverage and the shape of the bottle. In this tutorial we selected a group of classic low shoulder red wine bottles.

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