50 Poetic Depictions of Unicorns

Rumor is they still exist to this day. Unicorns are at the heart of thousands of European folklore legends. Usually a friend to the hero, when in need, the Unicorn can fight fiercely. Ever since the ancient Greeks first mentioned this legendary animal’s existence, it’s been a symbol for purity and grace. Kings wanting to capture this elusive beast had to employ the help of a virgin woman. All the legends talked about the healing power of the Unicorn’s horn and how, when it touched a bowl of poisoned water, it could render it drinkable. Some say they still exist somewhere in Patagonia. Considering how every legend has a seed of truth in it and thinking that this animal is the object of countless legends, one must believe! Let’s see if these poetic photos help you believe in the benevolent Unicorns!

Beauty meets Unicorn

Beauty meets Unicorn author: Ken Barthelmey

Patagonian Unicorn

Patagonian Unicorn author: South Latitude

Open your Mind

Open your Mind author: The Dannie

Lady and the Unicorn

Patagonian Unicorn author: Manuel Barca

The Purple Unicorn

The Purple Unicorn author: LJohnson Photo

The Last Unicorn

Deep Forest Unicorn

Deep Forest Unicorn author: Ren Chang

Friendship Unicorn

Friendship Unicorn author: Ren Chang

Real Life Unicorn

Real Life Unicorn author: Insect Anatomy

Unicorn Depiction Extraordinaire

Unicorn Depiction Extraordinaire author: Nell Fallcard

Red Unicorn

Red Unicorn author: Alexiuss

Poetic Unicorn

Poetic Unicorn author: Yvi_79

Dreaming of a Unicorn

Dreaming of a Unicorn author: Kolya

Fairytale Unicorn

Fairytale Unicorn author: Lryiu

Unicorn Waterfall

Unicorn Waterfall author: Iribel

The Dark Forest Dream

The Dark Forest Dream author: Amethystana

The Dark vs The White

The Dark vs The White author: Minna Sundberg

Urban Unicorn Depiction

Urban Unicorn Depiction author: Jalada

Magic Unicorn

Magic Unicorn author: MSemensohn

The Black Fresian Unicorn

The Black Fresian Unicorn author: Howling Horse

Nasty Unicorn

Nasty Unicorn author: Howling Horse

Unicorn Statue

Unicorn Statue author: Chris W Lodge

True Friendship

True Friendship author: Howling Horse

Pegasus Unicorn

Pegasus Unicorn author: Howling Horse

Robot Unicorn Attack

Unicorn in the Evening

Unicorn in the Evening author: Amarys

Fairytale Princess Unicorn

Winter Unicorn

Winter Unicorn author: Suliannh

Military Unicorn

Military Unicorn author: Purple Jack Daw

Real Flying Unicorn

Real Flying Unicorn author: Bueno Gato

Birth of a Unicorn

Birth of a Unicorn author: pangketepang

Sofia and the Unicorn

Sofia and the Unicorn author: Leslie Slette

Real Life Story Unicorn

Real Life Story Unicorn author: Jheresay

White Dual Unicorn

White Dual Unicorn author: Huhn_design

Unicorn’s Shadow

Unicorn author: Amy Stafford

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland author: Yvonnne I.

Lake Lord

Lake Lord author: xxhera

Wonder Forest Unicorn

Wonder Forest Unicorn author: Snow Skadi

Rogue Unicorn

Rogue Unicorn author: Leashe

Undead Unicorn

Undead Unicorn author: rhou

Hardcore Unicorning

Hardcore Unicorning author: Leashe

True Unicorn Painting

Enchanted Unicorn

Hiding from the Unicorn

Hiding from the Unicorn author: henzg

Ghost Unicorn

Ghost Unicorn author: elbardo

Unicorn Extraordinaire

Unicorn Extraordinaire author: SvPolarFox

The Dark One

Born a Unicorn

Kiss Unicorn

iss Unicorn author: zilla774

Twilight Unicorn

Twilight Unicorn author: Manwathiell


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