The Beauty of the Zebra in 50 Wildlife Photos

Belonging to the horse family, the zebra is a unique African animal that can be easily identified by their distinctive black and white stripes. They live in grasslands, savannas, woodlands, thorny scrub lands, mountains, and coastal hills. Each zebra has a different pattern, like every human has different fingerprints. They have been an inspiration for […]

50 Brilliant Examples of Sequence Photography

By definition, a sequence is a serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern. Photo sequencing is actually stitching multiple images together and it is a form of time-lapse photography. A change in an object’s position over time is being displayed and it only works when the object moves across […]

Photography of the Gentle Giant of Nature: the Giraffe

The gentle giant, also commonly known as the “giraffe” is the tallest terrestrial mammal living on Earth. Its natural habitat is in the African savannas, grasslands and open woodlands. A giraffe’s body shape is highly adapted to the conditions there: good camouflage reflected in the fur coloration and a long looong neck to reach the […]

Photography: Girls with Freckles are Cute and Beautiful

Freckles are some sort of colorations of the skin, mostly visible on the face, neck and shoulders of the fair haired people. The cosmetics industry tries to impose a beauty standard, saying that these colorations are not sexy or makes a woman less beautiful, therefore they invented all sorts of creams and lotions to diminish […]

Innovative Circlism Art and More by Ben Heine (with Interview)

Luckily, we had many talented traditional and digital artists entering “the door” of PxlEyes’ blog: photographers, painters, digital manipulators, mixed media artists, etc. But never before we had the great pleasure of presenting someone who is all that. So today we open our arms towards a huge talent and master of all the above mentioned […]

Defying general reality: An amazing array of Abstract Graphics

Thinking outside of the box of general reality is our topic of today’s collection. Abstraction as dictionary defines it “The act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances”. So today we are going to travel far corners of Imagination and float with the stream […]

50 Photographs of Adorable and Colorful Garden Birds

We all love our little feathered friends. Waking up on a spring morning, while pretty birds are singing in our garden, what’s more relaxing than that? They come in all shapes and forms, outstanding colours, and with the most beautiful songs… From the little humming bird to the adorable blue tit, from red robin to […]

50 Amazing Photoshop Brushes to let Your Creativity Go Wild

Hi guys, I’m here again with another episode of Photoshop resources that are absolutely free for you all.  As we all know Photoshop plays a very important part in our lives as a web designer, so little things like textures, layers, actions and most importantly brushes are a must have to save you from wasting […]

50 Ultra Realistic Mouth Popping 3D Portraits

Today, I’m going to showcase 50 very realistic 3D portraits. 3D as you know is the “In word” now a days and everyday talented designers and artists are creating some marvelous art pieces that really make you wonder about the brilliance behind these works. Our today’s showcase is just about that. I’ve compiled 50 realistic […]

The Beauty of Italy in 50 Stunning Photos

Italy is a peninsula in South-Central Europe that can brag with one of the richest histories of the world. Its capital, Roma, was the capital of the Roman Empire and remained, for centuries, the core of the political and religious Western civilization. Today, Italy is famous through its special assortments of food, like pizza and […]