Photography of the Gentle Giant of Nature: the Giraffe

The gentle giant, also commonly known as the “giraffe” is the tallest terrestrial mammal living on Earth. Its natural habitat is in the African savannas, grasslands and open woodlands. A giraffe’s body shape is highly adapted to the conditions there: good camouflage reflected in the fur coloration and a long looong neck to reach the tall tree tops. Their necks can reach over 2 m in length, a thing which makes them very impressive animals. With its beautiful, large and round eyes, the giraffe looks like a dressed up to the nine’s lady. To prove this “theory”, we invite everyone to take a look at the following showcase: 50 beautiful photos of giraffes, baby giraffes and their natural environments.

I Have to Go

I Have to Go author: Gorazd Golob

Good Night, Mom!

Good Night Mom author: Klaus Wiese

Running on Water

Running on Water author: Mario Moreno

A Mother’s Love

Are You My Mummy?

Are You My Mummy author: Klaus Wiese

First Rays of Light

First Rays of Light author: Gorazd Golob


Giraffes author: Mario Moreno

Sympathetic Giraffe

Kiss Me!

Kiss Me author: Klaus Wiese


Feed author: Benny Liao

Baby Giraffes

Baby Giraffes author: Michael Poliza

Portrait of a Young Giraffe

Portrait of a Young Giraffe author: Gorazd Golob



Run author: Khatawut J

Giraffe Crossing

Giraffe Crossing author: Hendri Venter

I Love Trees

I Love Trees author: Dave Ovenden

Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants author: Stefan Gries


BOW author: Wolf Ademeit


Tongue Twister!

Tongue Twister author: John Mead

Sunrise Giraffe

Sunrise Giraffe author: John Deakin

At the Waterhole 4

At the Waterhole 4 author: Ken Watkins

Awkward Moment

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day author: Giovanni Mari


Cute Giraffe

Cute Giraffe author: Helmut Lager

Giraffe 1

Giraffe 1 author: belvi

Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe author: nordynz

Giraffe 2

Giraffe 2 author: jpgmn

Giraffe Feeding

Giraffe Feeding author: phoenixeye

Giraffe 3

Giraffe 3 author: lewisjbirch

Jasper the Giraffe

Jasper the Giraffe author: teslaextreme

Giraffe B&W

Giraffe author: MrTim

Feeling of a Giraffe

Feeling of a Giraffe author: Demi-Plum

Giraffe 4

Giraffe 4 author: ReachlessGirl

Giraffe Love

Giraffe Love author: SkankinMike

Giraffe Graph

Giraffe Graph author: Tarique Sani

Just Walk Away

Just Walk Away author: David Burstein

Giraffe 5

Giraffe 5 author: EWCoyote

Bird Watching

Bird Watching author: Ken Watkins

Giraffe 6

Giraffe 6 author: Martin Pettitt

Giraffe 7

Giraffe 7 author: artan2009

Giraffe 8

Giraffe 8 author: Evan Animals

Fluffy Fur of Giraffe

Giraffe’s Tongue

author: hugo paredes


Sadness author: Jaime Vinas

Giraffe Girls

Giraffe Girls author: theentiremikey

Giraffe 9

Giraffe 9 author: leocbrito

Running Giraffes on the Open Serengeti

Someday You Will be Big Like Me

Someday You Will be Big Like Me author: Mike Johnson


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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