50 Breathtaking and Mystical Underwater Digital Paintings

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The underwater world is still a mystery for humans. What researchers have discovered so far is a only a little part of what really lies in the deep dark oceans and seas. This is not a problem for the digital artists, though. Their imaginations is limitless and very very rich. Listening to legends with mystical […]

Incredible Digital Art Inspired by Modern TV Cartoons

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Good old Fred Flinstone was great in his time, but the modern world requires change. And if not total change, then at least some important additions. And this is exactly what The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurame and a few others are in the world of tv series and cartoons. The following […]

Beautiful Digital Drawings of the Most Famous Classic Cartoons

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Hello everyone! It is time to go back in time for a short while. It is time to digg deep in your memory and find out the things that made your days brighter, back in the days. Remember the childhood and the beautiful stories from back then. Without people acknowledging it, fairy tales and cartoons […]

Innovative Circlism Art and More by Ben Heine (with Interview)

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Luckily, we had many talented traditional and digital artists entering “the door” of PxlEyes’ blog: photographers, painters, digital manipulators, mixed media artists, etc. But never before we had the great pleasure of presenting someone who is all that. So today we open our arms towards a huge talent and master of all the above mentioned […]

Impressive Digital Drawings by Wazowski – with Interview

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In today’s post, we present one of our own top members here on pxleyes. He has been a member for several years and always amazed others with his work. Henk, a.k.a. wazowski, has built an impressive portfolio of traditional and digital drawing techniques here on Pxleyes. He agreed to be interviewed and showcase his best […]

Digital Drawing: 50 Scary Clowns that Will Haunt in Your Dreams

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The circus is not what it used to be anymore. Back in the days, a few decades ago even, going to the circus was a great deal of fun and entertainment: acrobats, tamed wild beasts and funny clowns. They were all a source of celebration when the circus came to town. Then technology created new […]

50 Extraordinary Still Life Paintings and Drawings

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Still life drawings and paintings have a long history, back in time. Maybe because they seem to be easier to paint than a portrait or something in movement even. But still life is also nothing else but a portrait of usually a life-less scene. Most artists have a muse or a model, a few entities […]

50 of the Most Realistic Avatar-Inspired Graphic Artworks

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Avatar, the enormously famous film directed by James Cameron, first came on screen in 2009 and it has changed the world of many in a more or less pronounced way. The epic Sci-Fi film depicts the humans of the near by future mining a precious mineral on Pandora, a newly discovered moon. The story goes […]

10 Fantastic Artist Impressions of Natalie Portman

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Natalie Hershlag, a.k.a. Natalie Portman played her first role in the French film “Léon” and became very well known after her role from “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, in the role of “Padmé Amidala”. Not only her acting talent captured the attention of the public, but also her beauty and feminine looks. Because she has a […]

Unbelievable Drawings on Dirty Cars by Scott Wade – with Exclusive Interview

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Scott Wade ( DirtyCarArt ) was born in 1959, the son of a U.S. Air Force officer and housewife. He spent most of his childhood at the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs, Co., where his father taught history and later became the faculty executive. While in Colorado, Scott received lessons in art, piano and […]