50 of the Most Realistic Avatar-Inspired Graphic Artworks

Avatar, the enormously famous film directed by James Cameron, first came on screen in 2009 and it has changed the world of many in a more or less pronounced way. The epic Sci-Fi film depicts the humans of the near by future mining a precious mineral on Pandora, a newly discovered moon. The story goes around the interaction between the two worlds: an old dried out one, full of technology, but less resources and beauty, and a magical new one, pure and dreamy. Too many people took this film maybe a little too seriously, going as far as committing suicidal acts, but there are also many who exploited this film in an absolutely wonderful way: art. Avatar was an imagination boost for digital artists, who immediately started their creations: 3D models, drawings and paintings. Our showcase today brings into the spotlight 50 of the most realistic and beautiful Avatar inspired creations: Na’vi people, portraits, love scenes and the beautiful world of Pandora. Prepare to get carried away!


Avatar author: Binoched

Feel the Peace – Avatar

Feel the Peace - Avatar author: Zardra


Pandora author: GaaraJamiE88

Jake Sully Avatar

Jake Sully Avatar author: Yori-Narpati

Island Relativity

Island Relativity author: Rahll

Let the Battle Commence

Let the Battle Commence author: 6-0-3-9

Avatar – The Eye

Avatar - The Eye author: Kisviki96

Neytiri Climbs

Neytiri Climbs author: michellemonique

Pandorian Night

Pandorian Night author: mechanar

Beyral Ventiri

Beyral Ventiri author: Starfall00

Avatar Digital Painting

My Avatar

My Avatar author: Sokh

Pandora Destruction

Avatar Wallpapers

Avatar Wallpapers author: pimperius



Pandora Heights

Pandora Heights author: rbs250

Avatar Jake and Neytiri

Bio-Luminescence Scene

Bio-Luminescence Scene author: ComplxDesign

Avatar Eye DigiColour

Avatar Eye DigiColour author: 0ImagInc0


Jungle author: rbs250

Avatar Couple

Avatar Couple author: LordApep

Avatar Portrait

Avatar Portrait author: multashka

My Sister’s Avatar – detail

My Sisters Avatar - detail author: Temawei

Navi Neytiri II – Detail

Navi Neytiri II - Detail author: Fotomonta

Still a Bit Shy

Still a Bit Shy author: Protator


Pandora author: Xelidhean

Pandora View

Pandora View author: kevindevries

Jungle of Pandora

Jungle of Pandora author: Maarel


Atokirina author: brigette

Pandora Moons

Pandora Moons author: hardyguardy

Pandora’s History

Pandoras History author: uniqueLegend

Pandora Night

Pandora Night author: DerMonkey

Deep Seas of Pandora

Deep Seas of Pandora author: ARTek92

A Journey to Pandora

Avatar – Pandora’s View

Avatar - Pandoras View author: frey84

Avatar Fan Art

Avatar Fan Art author: pbario

The Na’vi Connection

The Navi Connection author: shii

Navi Character Study – Avatar

Navi Character Study - Avatar author: mike-reiss

Neytiri Character Study

Neytiri Character Study author: mike-reiss

Avatar Neytiri

Avatar Neytiri author: Azurelle

Avatar Background: Neytiri

Avatar Background: Neytiri author: berkk


Sleeping Navi

Sleeping Navi author: pookyns-5

Neytiri’s Tears

Neytiris Tears author: Sheridan-J

Destruction of Hometree

Destruction of Hometree author: Sheridan-J


Crouching Neytiri

Crouching Neytiri author: AuroraShadows

Avatar Kissing

Avatar Kissing author: hattonslayden

Neytiri Na’vi

Neytiri Navi author: mrDExArts

Avatar Floating Mountains

Avatar Floating Mountains author: vandervals


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