50 Breathtaking and Mystical Underwater Digital Paintings

The underwater world is still a mystery for humans. What researchers have discovered so far is a only a little part of what really lies in the deep dark oceans and seas. This is not a problem for the digital artists, though. Their imaginations is limitless and very very rich. Listening to legends with mystical creatures, mermaids and lost cities, they depict some of the most beautiful and creative underwater scenes. The follow showcase is a proof of everything mentioned above. We proudly present 50 astonishing digital artworks from several artists. The pictures to follow are food for everyone imagination and who knows, maybe someday a great source of inspiration for some film directors and writers.

Underwater City

Underwater City author: wallace

Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple author: UnidColor

Underwater Ruins

Underwater Ruins author: artofjokinen

Underwater Metropolis

Underwater Metropolis author: daRoz

Underwater Matte Painting

Underwater Matte Painting author: Raphael-Lacoste

Paradise Found

Paradise Found author: David Miller


Underwater author: syarul

Underwater Explorer

Underwater Explorer author: judgefang

Underwater Creature

Underwater Creature author: suzidragonlady

Underwater Love

Underwater Love author: ramon-andrade


Underwater author: jonone

Underwater Monster

Underwater Monster author: Son-Ra

Mystery of Underwater Treasure

Mystery of Underwater Treasure author: arsenixc

Underwater Scene

Underwater Scene author: HANxOPX

Long Lost

Long Lost author: ChrisRosewarne


Nautilus author: MarcSimonetti


Atlantis author: aksu


UnderWater author: nasirkhan

Transparent JellyFish

Transparent JellyFish author: nasirkhan

Underwater Hunt

Underwater Hunt author: gazer777


Discovery author: Liol

UNDERwater DesktopART

UNDERwater DesktopART author: desktopart

Under the Sea

Under the Sea author: pyromaniac


Underwater author: archiejacinto

Underwater Castle

Underwater Castle author: Salaidard

Hello, Underwater

Hello, Underwater author: eilidh


Underwater author: mep92

Underwater Autumn

Underwater Autumn author: KalbiCamdan

Somewhere Underwater…

Somewhere Underwater... author: s-scattered

Girl Underwater

Girl Underwater author: BlackNina


Underwater author: JeanRoux

Underwater Fish

Underwater Fish author: houk

Queen of the Deep

Queen of the Deep author: michellemonique

Underwater Life

Underwater Life author: E-sketches


Dolias author: tiantian1008

Forgotten Glory

Forgotten Glory author: jcbarquet

Imagination about King of Naga

Imagination about King of Naga author: Victorior

Giant Turtle

Giant Turtle author: PSHoudini

Underwater Exploration

Underwater Exploration author: elamaunt


Underwater author: bishoujosteph

Betrayal in the Shallows

Betrayal in the Shallows author: Zephyri

Waiting for a Sign

Waiting for a Sign author: JtotheOtotheE

Underwater Creature

Underwater Creature author: danielvijoi

Pirates Ocean Adventures

Pirates Ocean Adventures author: PSHoudini


Kingfisher author: danielvijoi

Underwater Part2

Underwater Part2 author: LadyShock

Octo Party

Octo Party author: ScarletHawk

Water Village

Water Village author: tiantian1008

Under the Sea

Under the Sea author: kattnboys

Underwater Creatures

Underwater Creatures author: lazesummerstone


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