Impressive Digital Drawings by Wazowski – with Interview

In today’s post, we present one of our own top members here on pxleyes. He has been a member for several years and always amazed others with his work. Henk, a.k.a. wazowski, has built an impressive portfolio of traditional and digital drawing techniques here on Pxleyes. He agreed to be interviewed and showcase his best work for you to enjoy!
Serenade for Su-C my sweety “Serenade for Su-C my sweety”
Q: Howdie Henk, please tell us a few words about yourself. Your age, where you are from, etc…
A: Hello! My name is Henk, but I guess most people from PXL know me as wazowski, my member nickname. I’m 34 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands. Grew up in a farm, with enough space to daydream. Therefore it’s maybe a bit weird that nowadays I live in Buenos Aires, kind of the opposite of my childhood. It’s a new experience and so far I’m doing ok. Drawing and checking drawings was always something I liked, since I was a kid. Donald Duck was my hero, read his stories and drew him pretty many times. Although my interests are more widespread nowadays, I still can’t get enough of him.
Sandy Clowes is coming to town “Sandy Clowes is coming to town”

Computers never really got my attention when I was younger. Sure it was fun to play a game and hey, you could even make drawings with it! But not for me. I thought that nothing could beat a real handmade drawing with emotions, something that a cold computer never could achieve. A pc was good for typing documents and that’s it! It took a while before I admitted I was wrong…
Winsor is daydreaming again... “Winsor is daydreaming again…”

It was for my study Illustration Design that I really got in touch with a computer (yeah, a Mac) and graphical programs, and found out what great things you actually could do with them. Especially Photoshop was a mindopener. It still took some more years before I actually made a digital illustration and even then it wasn’t something all drawn in photoshop, but scanned illustrations and photos that I combined together. But yeah, I realized that the development of digital illustrations was something I couldn’t deny. On the contrary, it made and makes designing even a whole lot more of fun!
StoneAge Testudina Scyphozoa “StoneAge Testudina Scyphozoa”

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your digital drawings? Is it all from imagination or do you have specific sources or interests?
A: Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere. So yeah, you can call it imagination, but that’s always influenced by what you see around. The news, movies, comics, things from my daily life, it can be anything. Although I do tend to lean a bit to the Dark Side… What I like is to give a twist to a generally known subject, to make fun of cliches. Humor is quite important for me, to relativate things.
Charlie “Charlie”

Q: What software do you use and which is the feature you couldn’t live without, of that particular software?
A: Photoshop is the program I use most, really great stuff you can do with it. But no matter how awesome it is, the thing I really can’t miss is my Wacom drawing tablet. Without that I doubt I’d have so much fun and interest in digital programs (although I do know people who can make great things with a mouse). In the end Photoshop is also just another (jawdropping) program, it’s you as user how to deal with it. And I do that best with a pen.
With a Little Help from My Friend “With a Little Help from My Friend”

Q: What is your favourite thing in the whole wide world?
A: The most precious “thing” for me sounds like a cliche answer, but that would be my son. He’s almost 2 years now, can be very time-demanding, but most of all he’s very funny and a great kid.
Lost... “Lost…”

Q: Please give a little piece of advice for the newbies just starting out with digital drawing.
A: A tip for digital design starters…. Well, first of all, work with good equipment (as said before, that’s a Wacom for me). Also, be interested and always look how things work. Check other people’s designs or tutorials to see how they dealt with certain difficulties. Not to copy what they made, but to understand why they took these decisions. And for the rest, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Something went wrong? Don’t worry, with digital drawing you can always change it. Experiment with what’s possible, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn the way you’d like to, but learn from the experience and most of all have fun with what you create. Good luck!
The Child “The Child”

Vamos Luchadores! “Vamos Luchadores!”

Let the Attack Begin! “Let the Attack Begin!”

Almost Like in the Real World “Almost Like in the Real World”

Primavera “Primavera”

A Day at the Dwarfs “A Day at the Dwarfs”

Meanwhile, in the year 2763 “Meanwhile, in the year 2763”

Lemme outta here! “Lemme outta here!”

Vamos Luchadores! “Vamos Luchadores!”

No, I dont look behind me “No, I dont look behind me”

Winter Holiday Shopping Season “Winter Holiday Shopping Season”

And tonight...will be my turn “And tonight…will be my turn”

Where is he when ya need em?! “Where is he when ya need ’em?!”


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    Hey, good stuff Waz. There are some here I had not seen before. I think the drawrfs is my fav.

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