50 Extraordinary Still Life Paintings and Drawings

Still life drawings and paintings have a long history, back in time. Maybe because they seem to be easier to paint than a portrait or something in movement even. But still life is also nothing else but a portrait of usually a life-less scene. Most artists have a muse or a model, a few entities put together that they reproduce. Others, the more advanced ones, use only their imagination. The following showcase proves that still life in traditional art is not as easy as it seems, if a certain result is desired and details are to be emphasized, along with shadows and light. 50 images, paintings and drawings, none enhanced by digital software, just plain and pure talent. For the sake of good old times of art.

Victorian Teapot and Pansies

Traditional Still Life

Traditional Still Life author: captainautilus


Lilac author: Leonidafremov

Crimson Stasis

Crimson Stasis author: Alex-Wanderlust

Potted Summer Flowers

Potted Summer Flowers author: Momof4boyoboys

Peeling Lemon

Peeling Lemon author: Russell Gordon

Still Life with Red Apples

Still Life – Colour 1

Still Life - Colour 1 author: davidkawena

The Fragility of Life

The Fragility of Life author: Maidith

Still Life – Colour 2

Still Life - Colour 2 author: davidkawena

Still Life with an Orange

Still Life with an Orange author: borda

Still Life with Leaves

A Mountain Ash

Medievil Still Life

Still Life with Grapes

Still Life with Grapes author: Pervandr

Monkey with Fruits

Sunflowers in Silver Urn

Sunflowers in Silver Urn author: Walter L.


Puppet author: Monte


Sunflowers author: AndyLiberto

Still Life – Ian McAndrew

Old Stuff

Old Stuff author: Mr. Nixon

Still Life With Transparent Penguin

Still Life With Transparent Penguin author: kasper.jeppesen

Koo178 – Still Life Drawing

Koo178 - Still Life Drawing author: koo178

Still Life

Still Life author: rchaem

Still Life in Red

Still Life in Red author: Tigress66

Still Life with Blue Iron

Still Life with Blue Iron author: Asharah89

Still life Painting

Still life Painting author: morda-creap

Fruits in Bowl, Still Life

Fruits in Bowl, Still Life author: TarcDnB

Simple Still Life

Simple Still Life author: borda

Eggs Still Life

Eggs Still Life author: iancjw

Still Life

Still Life author: jogijs

Still Life with Strawberries

Still Life with Strawberries author: Luzblanca

Old Masters Still Life

Old Masters Still Life author: Hangmoon

Still Life 4

Still Life 4 author: silentsketcher

Autumn Bounty

Classic Still Life

Basket Still-Life

Basket Still-Life author: egoodwinart

Still Life with Vegetables

Still Life with Vegetables author: andrianart

Still Life: In the Loo

Still Life: In the Loo author: Verwildert

The Artist’s Revenge

Still Life with Paper Bag

Still Life with Paper Bag author: andrianart

Bowl of Cherries

Still Life with Frames

Still Life with Frames author: BMcCue7

The Red Apple

The Red Apple author: skrob

Yellow Pitcher

Yellow Pitcher author: gossamerpromise

Window Light

Window Light author: Ani Kin

Still Life with Tomatoes and Asparagus

Still Life with Tomatoes and Asparagus author: kathylumsden

Double Daisy

Double Daisy author: bevmorgan

Red Cup

Still Life Card

Still Life Card author: SandysArt


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6 Responses:

  1. Buddy McCue says:

    I am honored that you chose one of my paintings to feature here on this page. Thank you.

    And I also have the chance to admire some great still life art from other painters. Some of these pieces are magnificent!

    ( 2 years and 2296 days ago )
  2. DML says:

    Great collection!! A lot of beutiful paintings!!

    ( 2 years and 2295 days ago )
  3. Women Bed & Breakfast says:

    Fabulous paintings. Loved it. 🙂

    ( 2 years and 2289 days ago )
  4. RichardMcBeef says:

    there are quite a few paintings here that are actually very ‘ordinary’, and some that are outright bad.

    ( 2 years and 1989 days ago )
  5. Russell Bavon says:

    I am an art student in Ebenezer senior high school Accra-Ghana and I say these arts lovely.

    ( 2 years and 1835 days ago )
  6. prashant says:


    ( 2 years and 1764 days ago )