The Beauty of the Zebra in 50 Wildlife Photos

Belonging to the horse family, the zebra is a unique African animal that can be easily identified by their distinctive black and white stripes. They live in grasslands, savannas, woodlands, thorny scrub lands, mountains, and coastal hills. Each zebra has a different pattern, like every human has different fingerprints. They have been an inspiration for people for a long time, including the fashion industry which produces clothes inspired from animal prints. Photographers are also inspired by zebras, as they are a good subject to place either on a black or white background, in order to emphasize their uniqueness. We want to show our appreciation for this beautiful wild beast, therefore the following 50 images showcase exposing its beauty.


Zebra author: Hesham Alhumaid

Eye to Eye and Cheek to Cheek

Eye to Eye and Cheek to Cheek author: Colmar Wocke

Dust Bath

Dust Bath author: Michel Guyot

The Proud Zebra

The Proud Zebra author: Nancy Earhart

The Race for Life

The Race for Life author: Menachem Sinai

Pijama Party

Pijama Party author: Giulio Zanni


Jump author: Giulio Zanni

Hi There!

Hi There! author: Marina Cano

One Zebra

One Zebra author: Mario Moreno

Dance with Me

Dance with Me author: Marina Cano


Togetherness author: Mario Moreno

Trio of Stripes

Trio of Stripes author: Mario Moreno

The Zebra

The Zebra author: Mario Moreno

Morning Zebra

Morning Zebra author: Mario Moreno


Bit! author: Jose Beut

Sea of Freedom

Sea of Freedom author: Ben Heine

Zebra Cross-ings

Zebra Cross-ings author: John Deakin


Jealousy author: Andy Kennelly


Zebra author: KingMcBenz

Am I Posing Nicely?

Am I Posing Nicely? author: Ken Watkins

Zebra in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Zebra in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania author: Robin Moore

Striped Lady

Striped Lady author: Pieter Venter

Look into My Eyes

Zebra Birth

Zebra Birth author: Marc MOL

Zebra Trio

Zebra Trio author: Steve Zamek


Stripes author: Mabs Gilmour

Mysqitue III

Mysqitue III author: Faisal Almalki

Zebra Play

Zebra Play author: Ken Watkins

Spotted In The Stripes

Spotted In The Stripes author: Paul Shaw

A Zebra Crossing…

A Zebra Crossing… author: Abhimanyu Bose

Africa B&W I

Africa B&W I author: Steven Reburgh


Zebra author: Luca Biagini


Together author: Julianna Szabo


Zebra author: Hendrik Werner


Mother-Daughter author: Mark Hardymon

Stripes of All Colors


Hey! author: NimaSarikhani

Mara River Crossing, Kenya.

Nuzzling Zebras


Zebra author: alannahILY

Are You Trying to Stare Me Out?!

Are You Trying to Stare Me Out?! author: Chris Spracklen

Running Zebra

Running Zebra author: Gugunia

Baby Zebra

Baby Zebra author: Justin Black

Zebras at Waterpoint

Zebras at Waterpoint author: Cedric Favero

Zebra Crossing!

Zebra Crossing! author: Michael Toye

Zebra Grazing

Zebra Grazing author: Chris Vickio

Young Zebra

Young Zebra author: Chris Vickio

Small Zebra

Small Zebra author: Lisa Buzova

Playing Time



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