50 Breathtaking and Mystical Underwater Digital Paintings

The underwater world is still a mystery for humans. What researchers have discovered so far is a only a little part of what really lies in the deep dark oceans and seas. This is not a problem for the digital artists, though. Their imaginations is limitless and very very rich. Listening to legends with mystical […]

Spectacular Surrealism and Fantasy Art by Sergeev Studio – with Interview

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Lyubomir Sergeev, the most representative person of Sergeev Studio – a famous advertising studio from Bulgaria. He is going to take us a little behind the scenes and explain how everything was created and how it works. There is a team of professionals that base all their work […]

Incredible Digital Art Inspired by Modern TV Cartoons

Good old Fred Flinstone was great in his time, but the modern world requires change. And if not total change, then at least some important additions. And this is exactly what The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurame and a few others are in the world of tv series and cartoons. The following […]

Creative Photography: The More the Merrier

There’s a famous saying “The more, the merrier”, and we center the following showcase around these few words. Most of the photographs are shot in a professional manner, well thought and planned in advance. There are a few, though, that were taken by amateurs, in different favorable circumstances, that we considered to have of a […]

Photography: 50 Colorful Snakes in Their Natural Habitat

The word “snake” can trigger a lot of different reactions in people: some are scared, some think about the original sin, some think of…their pet! Those elongate, legless, carnivorous reptiles live in several parts of the globe, from Equatorial forests to deserts and mountains. Snakes come in various colors and sizes, from several meters long […]

Photography: The Most Amazing Cloud Formations Ever Captured

As per the wiki definition, a cloud is a visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water and/or various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body. They are also known as aerosols. If we were to define a cloud like children do, we could say that it […]

Beautiful Digital Drawings of the Most Famous Classic Cartoons

Hello everyone! It is time to go back in time for a short while. It is time to digg deep in your memory and find out the things that made your days brighter, back in the days. Remember the childhood and the beautiful stories from back then. Without people acknowledging it, fairy tales and cartoons […]

The Paradise that is Thailand in 50 Stunning Photos

Thailand is a country located in a peninsula of Southeast Asia. It is considered to be a kingdom, both from a political and geographic point of view: a constitutional monarch with absolutely stunning landscapes, flora and fauna. The North of the country has a mountainous area, the centre is dominated by a river valley which […]

A Unique View of Graphic Design Before the 1960’s

Hi guys, today we are going to travel back (not literally) going through the decades watching graphic design changing and evolving through time and events. I’m sure like me you’ll all enjoy this unique trip towards history and learn a lot about culture, politics, time, language, etc. All these things have played a very important […]

Beautiful Breathtaking Architecture Photos from Around the World

I’m here again with another wonderful showcase featuring world’s most beautiful architecture images. Some of these building are new and some go way back, but every building has a story to tell you about its origin n its time on that place. So it’s up to us how we explore and perceive this form of […]