50 Poetic Depictions of Unicorns

Rumor is they still exist to this day. Unicorns are at the heart of thousands of European folklore legends. Usually a friend to the hero, when in need, the Unicorn can fight fiercely. Ever since the ancient Greeks first mentioned this legendary animal’s existence, it’s been a symbol for purity and grace. Kings wanting to […]

50 Photos of Colorful Exotic Fish from the Depths of the Ocean

The wonderful underwater world is partially given by the what seems to be an endless number of fish species. With colors that some of us can’t even imagine, millions of fishes populate the seas and oceans all around the globe, giving a veritable show to whomever dives or snorkels. This showcase brings closer the fascinating […]

Absolutely Stunning Flora from the Tropics

Hello everyone! Here we are, with a follow-up post on the tropics area. Last time we could enjoy the amazingly beautiful and diversified fauna contained by the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. In this showcase we will continue with the second part of the subject: the flora. The famous rainforests, the bamboo […]

The Beauty of Denmark in 50 Stunning Pictures

Welcome one more time to our journey “around the world”! All board, because this time we are going to another kingdom: Denmark. We will virtually visit the urban, rural, land and sea-scapes of this amazing country, we will “meet” its people, customs, learn about the culture and national flag, along with other worth seeing elements. […]

The Beauty of Iceland in 50 Stunning Pictures

Hello everyone! Today’s showcase represents a journey on a beautiful island of the Earth. Even though the world itself “island” pops into one’s mind correlated with beaches, sunshine and a diversity of summer activities, this one is completely different. We are going to virtually travel to Iceland, which is, as the name itself states, “icy” […]

Amazing Close-ups of Small Animals by Shikhei Goh (+Interview)

Hello everyone! Today we give a warm welcome to Shikhei Goh , a very talented photographer that has put a lot of passion, ambition and hard work into what he does. Saying so himself, Shikhei accepts constructive criticism and learns from mistakes, in order to become the best. We considered that he is there, among […]

Interview with NGC Photographer and Cave Diver Viktor Lyagushkin (+BreathTaking Underwater Photos)

The following underwater cave photos, from to the “Orda Cave” project, were taken by the famous National Geographic photographer Viktor Lyagushkin. The showcase also comes with an exclusive interview that is definitely worth reading, as it will carry you away in the depth of the Russian cave, will teach you about ambition and professionalism, team […]

Photography: The Kingdom of Sweden in 50 Stunning Pictures

The Kingdom of Sweden, in its simple and short form: Sweden, is a country that belongs to the Scandinavian peninsula, in Northern Europe. With the famous vikings as a historic background, this country has a lot to offer from a cultural point of view. Culture creates art, and if you add the geographic position to […]

Photography: Norway in 50 Stunning Pictures

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of the “travel around the world” series! Today’s showcase focuses on Norway, officially known as the Kingdom of Norway – a country that belongs to the Scandinavian Peninsula. We have tracked the art work of several photographers that surprised the most beautiful parts and aspects of Norway and […]

Photography: 50 Gorgeous Close-ups of Colorful Flowers

“Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization. ” – this quote belonging to Lincoln Steffens is one of the great truths regarding flowers and art. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why so many photographers consider that shots of flowers make beautiful art. And it is a proven […]