Absolutely Stunning Flora from the Tropics

Hello everyone! Here we are, with a follow-up post on the tropics area. Last time we could enjoy the amazingly beautiful and diversified fauna contained by the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. In this showcase we will continue with the second part of the subject: the flora. The famous rainforests, the bamboo trees, beaches with relaxing and mighty palms, coconut trees and all sorts of exotic flowers that one can only dream of seeing and waterfalls that create small rainbows are definitely worth seeing, at least in photos and once in ma lifetime for real. The wild virgin nature unravels now!

Paradise Forest

Paradise Forest author: Marc Adamus

Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost author: Ian Plant

Sacred Song

Sacred Song author: Sharon Mau


Bromeliad author: Josep Marés

Green Forest

Green Forest author: Arturo Lasso

Inner Beauty


Pineapple author: Traci Law

Tropical Plant 1

Tropical Plant 1 author: Kai Rauer

Tropical Plant 2

Tropical Plant 2 author: Kai Rauer

Call of Wilderness

Call of Wilderness author: Dare Turnsek

Plumeria Bed

Plumeria Bed author: Ron Azevedo

Palm Tree – Mallorca

Palm Tree - Mallorca author: Martín Pérez

My Soul Dressed in Silence

My Soul Dressed in Silence author: Sharon Mau

Queen Crape Myrtle

Queen Crape Myrtle author: Rohan Pavgi

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven author: Evgeni Dinev

Rainforest in Costa Rica

Rainforest in Costa Rica author: Colonelengle

Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest author: sarmey

Magic Mystical Forest

Magic Mystical Forest author: Alvin Kroon

Rainforest Cacao

Rainforest Cacao author: adremeaux


Banana author: KittyPawsPaws

Canon Ball Flower

Canon Ball Flower author: Khoo Boo Chuan

Lazy Coco Tree

Lazy Coco Tree author: Anthony Moore

From Bottom – Coconut Tree

From Bottom - Coconut Tree author: Zulkifli Yusof

Fungi Glow

Fungi Glow author: aardvaarkau

Crinoline Mushroom

Crinoline Mushroom author: shari kadirur

Fan Palm and Camphor

Fan Palm and Camphor author: niiicedave

Nypa Fruticans

Nypa Fruticans author: tanetahi


Myristica author: mingiweng

San Rafael Waterfall

San Rafael Waterfall author: Tadas Jucys

Amazonas Rain Forest

Amazonas Rain Forest author: Jean Spector

Plant near Sacha Lodge

Plant near Sacha Lodge author: Alice & Seig

Plant in Cajas

Plant in Cajas author: Shane_R

High Andean Plant Mound

High Andean Plant Mound author: Shane_R

Water Mimosa

Water Mimosa author: shyzaboy

Mexican Fan Palm Leaves

Mexican Fan Palm Leaves author: beckerpecker

Otavalo, Ecuador

Otavalo, Ecuador author: Carlos Ibanez


Wing-Fruited Lecocarpus Lowlands

Wing-Fruited Lecocarpus Lowlands author: Lucie Locket1

Dartmoor Tropic

Dartmoor Tropic author: Neil Porter

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park author: Ephraim Muller

Tropical Flora Palau

Tropical Flora Palau author: cloudspherex

Tropical Plant

Tropical Plant author: Aneirin-Aryon

Bamboo Forest

Heart of Hibiscus

Heart of Hibiscus author: cloudspherex


Tropic author: Pierre Maheux

King of Fruits

King of Fruits author: John Luo

Bunga Jambu

Bunga Jambu author: hafizi hassan


Nuts author: Juerg Schreiter

Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest author: Hareesh.P


Rainforest author: Hallows-Evening


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  1. Julia Agnes says:

    Awesome collection! Thanks a lot!

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    I can only say: G O R G E O U S…… fantastic….congrats!

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    Unbelievable nice photos collection every shots are awesome . I’ll visit your blog again.

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    Awesome but some of the photo has too much color that makes them not real.

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