Photography: The Kingdom of Sweden in 50 Stunning Pictures

The Kingdom of Sweden, in its simple and short form: Sweden, is a country that belongs to the Scandinavian peninsula, in Northern Europe. With the famous vikings as a historic background, this country has a lot to offer from a cultural point of view. Culture creates art, and if you add the geographic position to that and bring in some photographers…Voila! Beautiful photography, artistic, catchy and fascinating! This showcase is about all that: Sweden’s culture, flora, architecture, people and customs. All in 50 beautifully captured photos.

Kiruna Aurora

Kiruna Aurora author: Antony Spencer

Winter Idyll

Winter Idyll author: Allan Wallberg


Freedom author: Isakssonfoto

New Year’s!

00:30 Night on the North of Sweden

00:30 Night on the North of Sweden author: Marek Czaja

Exit from Hell

Anybody Home?


Morning Dream

Morning Dream author: Hans Kruse


Sjnjuvtjudisjåhkå author: ToreHx


Sergels Torg

Sergels Torg author: Elia Locardi

Ice in the Afternoon Light

Ice in the Afternoon Light author: Master Pedda

Anna – Swidish Model

Anna - Swidish Model author: Mike Slagter


Sunrise author: Mikael Svensson


Øresundsbron author: Andrey Lovakov

Swedish Skagen

Swedish Skagen author: John Olsson

The Swedish Flag

The Swedish Flag author: basicmaster

Swedish Beauty

Swedish Beauty author: Adam Allegro

Norrsken i Sarek

Norrsken i Sarek author: ToreHx

Storm at Punta!

Storm at Punta author: Robert Koste

Swedish Autumn

Swedish Autumn author: Calle Höglund

Värmland, Sweden

Värmland, Sweden author: Vif

Hönö, Sweden

Hönö, Sweden author: Rolfen

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden author: jimg944

Night Turning Torso

Night Turning Torso author: Anders Wolf

The Swedish Westcoast

The Swedish Westcoast author: Anders Wester

Sweden’s Most Northern Bar

Sweden Most Northern Bar author: kellebass

Swedish Vic

Skiing into Sarek

Skiing into Sarek author: Greg Annandale

Swedish Summer

Swedish Summer author: Gustaf Lindman

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm author: JSCLee

Swedish Air Force Museum

A Swedish Sunset

Above the Wind

Swedish House

Swedish House author: Mike Frey

Sergels Torg

Sergels Torg author: Elia Locardi

Stockholm Colors

Three Facets of Stockholm

Three Facets of Stockholm author: Coldpix

Waiting for Spring to Come


Oresund-Bridge author: Alireza Seyari

Battle of Visby

Battle of Visby author: FeudorLaurent

Battle of the Kings

Battle of the Kings author: Martin Wallgren

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle author: Linda Boomaars

Early Morning Greetings from Stockholm

Early Morning Greetings from Stockholm author: Ayush Bhandari

Drottningholm Palace Guards

Drottningholm Palace Guards author: Skellig2008

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace author: Jimmy Svensson

The Last Train

The Last Train author: Marco Zandona


Harnosand author: Johannes Erixon


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