Restless Spirit - created by cazallama

Restless Spirit
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(5 years and 1900 days ago)

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Pink Passion - created by cazallama

Pink Passion
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I used the sources, then used replace colour to get effect and then i used the artistic cutout effect plus a whole load of filters. Then, i used render>clouds and then fiddled with the opacity, plus a bit of violet colour and overlay. I blurred the poppies and applied the cutout filter too and replace colour on the woman to get the green glow on her hair. Finally, iu added the poppies, adjusted colour balance and blurred! (5 years and 1973 days ago)

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CatFish - created by cazallama

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(5 years and 1905 days ago)

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Pegasus - created by cazallama

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yeah, well you guys know this one =] (5 years and 1934 days ago)

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Rainbow to paradise - created by cazallama

Rainbow to paradise
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Mainly just curve adjustment, hue/saturation, clouds andthen a lot of overlay colour for the and gradients for the dreamy, pink/orange effect. To make the horse and the castle blend in, i went to image>ajusments>variations and then i went to brightness and contrast. It took me a while because i kept changing my mind about things =] (5 years and 1979 days ago)

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