A Work in Progress: Restless Spirit

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Restless Spirit
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First desaturate, paint in the eyes with shades of grey white and red, gaussian blur and then use the smush tool to give dead
effect of doom!
use dodge and burn (burn around the eyes to gives the freaky effect) and then using hue/saturation use the lasso tool
to select the lips and choose a colour you think is best....

Creation of Restless Spirit: Step 1

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Then making sure that the colours in the palette are red and black go to filter>render>clouds....
Change blending mode to hard light and lower opacity. Rub out the pieces of red not needed.

Creation of Restless Spirit: Step 2

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Using the lasso tool, outline a blood spatter pattern and fill red. For best adjustments go to blending options apply inner shadow
and smudge and then use IMAGE>ADJUST>VARIATIONS

Creation of Restless Spirit: Step 3

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Add thick black paintbrush ink outlines....
Around the eyes.... dodge and burn

Creation of Restless Spirit: Step 4

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Using the paintbrush tool.... add thick on her lips and thin lines then blur.... add bevel and emboss and then blur some more.
Dodge and burn to make it look realistic and implanted into her skin.... then blur again.... add colour overlay when in blending
options by the way and choose a dark shade of green.

Add flames and blur and smudge and add any filter effects if you want. Change hue of her skin to yellow tinged. Lighten the
Add flames and voila..... ^^ Instant freaky spirit.

Creation of Restless Spirit: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Restless Spirit: Final Result

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