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One of the more common beliefs is that of a soul, a remnant of someone passed away that moves on into the afterlife, but what does a soul look like?
Your task is to depict your own vision of what a soul looks like. Good luck!

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Suggested by: ponti55

scratzilla1: another great suggestion Ponti. this should lend to a wide variety of art styles. ( 5 years and 2149 days ago )
Mayechung: They look waxy and have no least the new ones look like this...I was told... ( 5 years and 2147 days ago )
Akassa: I don't have a physical image of the soul in my mind i think it's something abstract >.< i'm gona try to come up with something tho. ( 5 years and 2146 days ago )
Richirajd: Very good contest for showcasing some Dark Art...... ( 5 years and 2146 days ago )
bddesign: get life insurance ( 5 years and 2143 days ago )

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sleep, my darling... - created by bddesign

sleep, my darling...
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she sleeps for eternity...

feel free to download for wallpaper... its 1920X1200 resolution... :)

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the light within - created by spygirl1978

the light within
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I wanted to add....I don't believe that our souls are made up entirely of our emotions, or trials and tribulations - these things only help our souls to grow. I believe a soul is a spirit, manifested within each of our cocoons, made up of colors so beautiful, they make our bodies seem like the dead skins of a we shed them, and step into the light.

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"Wings" brushes by ~ProphecyGirl at

Woman is from one of my old Bryce works, a 3D model, original image is in step by step and also will be uploaded into my stock albums..... (5 years and 2146 days ago)

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Soul Beauty - created by Keiley22

Soul Beauty
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to me the soul is graceful and very soft... elegant and simple at the same time..

Hope you like :)...

thanks to.
Buzillo Stock (5 years and 2144 days ago)

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Entry - created by Keiley22

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(5 years and 2142 days ago)

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The Asylum - created by woodztockr

The Asylum
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This one was done this morning before my medication.... usually I wouldn't explain what's going on in my mind, only to a therapist, but this time I'll make an exception. Our Semi-Hero birdman sees and hears the souls of the asylum inmates, he wears his glasses to fog the sights and bangs his symbols to dampen the sound. As the nightwatchman gets near the reflections on the wall and floor disappear and there are no sounds (except birdman banging his symbols). Our Semi-hero Birdman will probably just get a beating and sent to bed. (By the way this is a simple cut, paste, distort, opacity montage) I'm just learning photoshop!

CSUCI Hallway to morgue
latern man
mad musician
goth yelling
qeoX (5 years and 2145 days ago)

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