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cut out the fish with magic wand and lasso tool, scale it down and give it the right proportions.... then sharpen twice and then sharpen edges
enter quick mask mode and select the fish adjust the contrast of the fish then

Creation of CatFish: Step 1

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curves to darken the background get up a new layer
and fill the seleciton with white. Deselect and you should get a white outer glow.... lower the opacity.

Creation of CatFish: Step 2

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Then duplicate the fish layer and turn blending mode to multiply and lower the opacity....
go to select reselect to select the last thing that you have selected and then go to select inverese.... which was the fishy!! yay ^^
then press CTR-J to duplicate just the fish onto another layer!

Creation of CatFish: Step 3

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on the new layer drag the leopard skin and drag that layer under the fish layer, resize and make adjusments with the dodge and burn to make it look natural....

Creation of CatFish: Step 4

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Creation of CatFish: Step 5

Final result

Creation of CatFish: Final Result

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