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All over the world and through all era's there's been mythical monsters like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
As those 2 are mentioned you can't use them. At you'll find a long list of mythical monsters and how they should look like. Your goal is to recreate one of them using this description. The title should be the type of monster and put a link in the description to the wikipage. Also tell something about the monster in the description.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Troll - created by IDt8r

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A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology. Originally more or less the Nordic equivalents of giants, although often smaller in size, the different depictions have come to range from the fiendish giants to a devious, more human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills, caves or mounds. They are often regarded as having poor intellect (especially the males, whereas the females may be quite cunning), great strength, big noses, long arms, and as being hairy and not very beautiful. Today's modern troll can often be found living in his mother's basement.

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Lycaon - created by sebas

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Lycaon was the cruel king of Arcadia, son of Pelasgus and Meliboea, who tested Zeus by serving him a dish of a slaughered and dismembered child. In return for this gruesome deed Zeus transformed Lycaon into the form of a wolf, and killed Lycaons fifty sons by lightning bolts, except possibly Nyctimus, who was then the slaughered child, and instead became restored to life. (I would Like o have more time to imrpove it) (5 years and 2171 days ago)

watashi kirei? - created by yahidithmonnalisa

watashi kirei?
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The legend is said to originate with a young woman who lived hundreds of years ago (some versions of the legend state the Heian period) and was either the wife or concubine of a samurai. She is said to have been very beautiful but also very vain, and possibly cheating on her husband. The samurai, extremely jealous and feeling cuckolded, attacked her and slit her mouth from ear to ear, screaming "Who will think you're beautiful now?"

The urban legend picks up from this point, stating that a woman roams around at night (especially during foggy evenings), with her face covered by a surgical mask, which would not be especially unusual, as people with colds often wear masks for the sake of others in Japan. When she encounters someone (primarily children or college students), she will shyly ask, "Am I beautiful?" ("Watashi kirei?"). If the person answers yes, she will take off her mask and say, "Even like this?" At this point, if the victim answers "No," she will slay them or cut their mouths to resmeble hers (in many versions, her weapon is a pair of scissors). If the victim tells her she is pretty a second time, she follows the victim home and slays them at the doorway to their residence, due to the fact that "kirei" (きれい), Japanese for 'pretty,' is a near homophone of "kire" (切れ), the imperative form of "to cut". In other versions of the myth if you reply yes after she removes the mask she will give you a large blood soaked ruby and walk away.

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____CENTAUR____ - created by LKY

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(Please see full resolution, Image is pixellating here)

I tried some comic style here. Done in both illustrator and photoshop.I don't have pen tablet so its all done with mouse.

Completion time: 7 hours (approx)
Character description :
"In Greek mythology, the centaurs are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse. In early Attic vase-paintings, they are depicted with the torso of a human joined at the waist to the horse's withers, where the horse's neck would be." Its true.

See this if u don't believe me ( )...

also all comments will be appreciated as always. (5 years and 2171 days ago)

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Spring Heeled Jack - created by tnaylor21286

Spring Heeled Jack
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Spring Heeled Jack (also Springheel Jack, Spring-heel Jack, etc), is a character from English folklore said to have existed during the Victorian era and able to jump extraordinarily high. The first claimed sighting of Spring Heeled Jack that is known occurred in 1837.[1] Later alleged sightings were reported all over England, from London up to Sheffield and Liverpool, but they were especially prevalent in suburban London and later in the Midlands and Scotland.[2]

Many theories have been proposed to ascertain the nature and identity of Spring Heeled Jack. The urban legend of Spring Heeled Jack gained immense popularity in its time due to the tales of his bizarre appearance and ability to make extraordinary leaps, to the point where he became the topic of several works of fiction.

Spring Heeled Jack was described by people claiming to have seen him as having a terrifying and frightful appearance, with diabolical physiognomy that included clawed hands and eyes that "resembled red balls of fire". One report claimed that, beneath a black cloak, he wore a helmet and a tight-fitting white garment like an "oilskin". Many stories also mention a "Devil-like" aspect. Spring Heeled Jack was said to be tall and thin, with the appearance of a gentleman, and capable of making great leaps. Several reports mention that he could breathe out blue and white flames and that he wore sharp metallic claws at his fingertips. At least two people claimed that he was able to speak comprehensible English.

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