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Lighting Texturing and Rendering a 3DS Max Scene - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this second part of the tutorial we will look at lighting the scene, texturing the model and rendering an image using 3ds max. We’ll use a mental ray daylight system and mr sky portals for the lighting, use photoshop to create tileable textures and I’ll show you how to create an ambient occlusion pass to lay over the render to bring out detail shadows.

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Unwrapping Organic Models - 3ds-max Tutorial

A detailed tutorial that shows you how to unwrap complex organic 3d models in 3ds max 2012.

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Modelling Iron Man Helmet - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you how to model Iron Man helmet, texture it and render using Autodesk 3ds max and Adobe Photoshop. By this we will use poly modelling technique where we start from a single poly. This technique is widely used for car or head modelling and the steps and technique covered in this tutorial is the same and you can use them to model anything. We will start preparing our scene for modelling and place the reference pictures inside 3ds max environment. Because we are modelling from a single poly we need at least three pictures; front, side and back to be able to model the helmet according the reference picture. After the initial set-up we will start the modelling process starting with the front cover of the helmet and continue with the rest of the helmet. The modelling process is very simple and only the basic editable-poly tools are used to build the model.

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Using MAXScript to animate an advertisement - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this tutorial we will for the first time get into the animation process inside 3ds Max and create a changing advertisement using the tools available inside 3ds Max. The tutorial will start with creating the appropriated shapes for the actual advertisement board which is made from two main parts. The first part is just a frame which is holding the second part which are panels in a shape of a triangle on which are applied the actual images or advertisement. The main objects would be made using the poly-modelling technique and this part of the tutorial will be very quick and easy. After creating the shapes for the advertisement we will start the animating process. Here you have actually two options how to make it; either using the manual method where you would be moving and rotating the separate parts or using the inbuilt MAXScript language which will do the work for you. Of course we will choose the second option because the way how it’s made using the second option is much more interesting and even more challenging. The MAXScript allows you to code a set of instruction by which you can use all available tools, methods and options available in 3ds Max.

It could be compared to the VBA language inside EXCEL and the logic is indeed the same but the code is of course different. After creating the MAXScript and running it the panels of the advertisement would be animated in a certain step where they are smoothly rotating on one side and then on another and so changing the actual image which is placed on the faces of the panels. At the end we will use the 3D-Sphere material library which you can download from the menu on the right side of 3D-Sphere and apply the materials and textures to our model. For rendering I will use Photometric Lights and MentalRay. You can download the reference materials, the used MAXScript and as well watch the tutorial below and if you have any questions, just write us.

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Create a Realistic Looking Mailbox - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In this detailed, multiple parts workflow tutorial, you will follow the entire process of modeling, UV mapping, and texturing a lifelike mailbox using 3ds Max and UV Layout. Starting out in 3ds max with a simple box primitive, you will use poly modeling tools and techniques to build and shape our mailbox model. With the model completed, you will then move on to UV mapping using a combination of both 3ds Max’s unwrap uvw modifier as well as the demo version of Headus UVLayout. Finally, with the UV all packed away, you will learn some very useful techniques to build up the colors and materials of your texture.

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An Introduction to Texturing, Lighting and Rendering Architectural Exteriors - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In the field of Architectural Visualization, realism must always be the 1st goal that we strive to accomplish. In this 3 day tutorial series, you will gain a solid introduction to valuable lighting and texture mapping techniques that can be used to achieve realistic architectural renderings.

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Pelt Mapping - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

Pelt Mapping tutorial. The new texturing feature present in 3DSMAX versions 8 and later.

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