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Create a Realistic Looking Mailbox - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In this detailed, multiple parts workflow tutorial, you will follow the entire process of modeling, UV mapping, and texturing a lifelike mailbox using 3ds Max and UV Layout. Starting out in 3ds max with a simple box primitive, you will use poly modeling tools and techniques to build and shape our mailbox model. With the model completed, you will then move on to UV mapping using a combination of both 3ds Max’s unwrap uvw modifier as well as the demo version of Headus UVLayout. Finally, with the UV all packed away, you will learn some very useful techniques to build up the colors and materials of your texture.

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Create a Cool Smoking Text Effect using Fluid Mapping with Particle Flow - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will model, light and texture some simple 3D text inside of 3dsmax. Then, using Particle Flow, the built-in particle system, along with the FumeFX plugin, you will simulate some convincing looking smoke to add a visual interest to your otherwise run of the mill 3D text .

Inside of the plugin UI you will learn what Fluid mapping is, and how to use it to your advantage. After the scene is completed you will render it out into different passes and then composite them back together inside of After Effects.

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Pelt Mapping - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

Pelt Mapping tutorial. The new texturing feature present in 3DSMAX versions 8 and later.

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