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Modelling a building - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how I modelled a building in 3ds max as it gives you the tools to model quickly without the perfect accuracy which isn’t necessary in the design stage. This tutorial focuses on translating an idea or sketch into a model.

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Speed up V-Ray rendering - 3ds-max Tutorial

Hello, all V-Ray users!

This tutorial answers the following questions:

- What is adoptability of V-Ray and what are its advantages?

- What is the V-Ray DMC Sampler?

- How does the DMC Sampler work?

- What is the actual number of samples for blurry effects calculation in V-Ray?

- How to setup DMC Sampler?

- What is the difference between the noise threshold and adaptive amount parameters?

- What effects are influenced by global subdivs multiplier?

- How to control the quality of rendering in V-Ray?

- How to speed up V-Ray rendering?

- How to setup V-Ray draft render?

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Lighting Texturing and Rendering a 3DS Max Scene - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this second part of the tutorial we will look at lighting the scene, texturing the model and rendering an image using 3ds max. We’ll use a mental ray daylight system and mr sky portals for the lighting, use photoshop to create tileable textures and I’ll show you how to create an ambient occlusion pass to lay over the render to bring out detail shadows.

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Model a 3D Skull - 3ds-max Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the basics of Spline modeling using background pictures in 3ds Max. Create a Spline Cage of a Skull. Then convert to Editable poly. After some edits, use the TurboSmooth modifier to bring out high resolution detail.

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Unwrapping Organic Models - 3ds-max Tutorial

A detailed tutorial that shows you how to unwrap complex organic 3d models in 3ds max 2012.

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Animating a Rubik's Cube in 3DS Max - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

Here is another technique of animating a Rubik's Cube: with TCB Rotation controllers, that is much simpler and convenient that link constraint approach.
And sorry for my accent :)

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An Introduction to Maxwell Renderer and Maxwell Studio - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we will take a look at the workflow between Maxwell Render/Studio and 3D Studio Max. Although we will be using Maxwell 2, the information should be applicable for earlier versions as well. We will explore materials, lighting, and most environment and camera setups. But more than this, you will learn all that you need to get you up and running with Maxwell Render, and the Stand alone application Maxwell Studio.

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