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Modelling a two stage Missile using 3ds max-Part 1 - 3ds-max Tutorial

After modelling the Iron Man helmet I decided to do something I wanted for a long time, a two stage missile. The idea is coming from an article I read a long time ago and since then I wanted to create something similar but of course using my concept. The basic idea for the concept and shape of the missile is based on the Hellfire missile and it’s used as the initial shape. The shape was redesigned by us and a basic sketch was created according which we will model and built the missile. The tutorial is because his length divided into „three main stages“; 1) Modelling the main missile, 2) Modelling the secondary missile and the details, 3) Creating textures and rendering. Because we will be modelling according a reference the first step will be placing the reference picture inside the scene and prepare our environment for modelling.

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Modelling a two stage Missile using 3ds max - Part 2 - 3ds-max Tutorial

The second part of the „two stage Missile“ tutorial would be again only about modelling and finishing the whole model using 3ds max. While in the first part we focused on the main missile, in this part we mainly do the second stage missiles and also the release mechanism for them. At first we start a bit to review our model which we done in the first part and straight after start the work on the second stage. We start with creating the carrying bay for the second missiles and create the room where our missiles would be locked. By this we will use our main missile model and using editable poly and poly-modelling technique we create the carrying bay. Right after this we start to work on our second missile. The design and shape of the second missile will be easier than the main missile but still it will carry an interesting shape with fly wings. After creating the second missile we will start to work on locking and releasing mechanism for the second missiles. This part is very important because the details we do there.

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Modelling a two stage Missile using 3ds max-Part 3 - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this end part of the „two stage Missile“ tutorial we will prepare our model for texturing and also create the textures using Photoshop. In the parts before „part1“ and „part2“ we were focusing on the model itself, we were able to model all the details and major parts of the missile and as well the electronics and release mechanism for the secondary missiles. Here we will start by adjusting the UVW coordinates to our model. At first we will focus on the main missile, by this we will apply and create a UVW map which at the end we will render and move to Photoshop. This „mask“ will be used to properly adjust the texture which we will be creating and also help us as a guide to place all the textures into the right place. After adjusting the UVWs and the materials IDs we will straight jump to Photoshop and start creating our textures. The first one will be the main missile were we use and combine different textures from real world planes and aircrafts and with some blending options and adjustment place these parts on the mask which we did before and so create a nice looking texture which can be easily applied to our model. Using the same methods we will also create the rest of the textures and also we will use already made parts from the textures before and so create a new texture very fast and without the end to create the repeating layers and fragments one more time.

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Model a High Poly Airframe Missile Launcher - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

In this six hour long, intermediate/ advanced level tutorial you will learn to model a high poly RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile Launcher step by step. You will learn to use many of 3DS Max's poly and spline modeling tools, while keeping the model as light weight and simplified as possible, and only using subdivision in the areas that require it.

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