Plane - balancing - created by shaiju1974

Plane - balancing
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I used one outer source of plane.

Thanks to and Author: roym

Unfortunately I could not save the SBS. because I flattened the layers and saved as psd file by mistake.
The fan leaves made from the source file.
(5 years and 3131 days ago)

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Skate - created by vickyaharris

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I have used various parts of the original image. I have cut out peices from my own photo collection and blended them together to make an image of a skater. (5 years and 3130 days ago)

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Magic Balanced Scale - created by Pedrock

Magic Balanced Scale
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The rainbow ends in the scale.
The cat with the top hat is a magician. (5 years and 3133 days ago)

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good & evil - created by SHIPLEYGIRL

good & evil
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monster kiss - created by niks1351

monster kiss
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