Fish - created by nasirkhan

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Thanks to thadz for fish reference image

(5 years and 3126 days ago)

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What's cooking up honey??? - created by nishagandhi

Whats cooking up honey???
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first i cloned out the scales and used the smudge tool..and placed the sources i wanted.....have replaced the pot by another one... thanx to rafragoso for the pot... (5 years and 3129 days ago)

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old radio - created by xshadow

old radio
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old radio (5 years and 3133 days ago)

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Electricity Machine - created by Nator

Electricity Machine
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All source.

Made electricity rods from scale center and lightning from brush style.

(5 years and 3128 days ago)

under construction - created by gornats

under construction
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