Fall Out Play Box - created by sjpeters

Fall Out Play Box
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Found this at a shop in Modoc, not sure what it does yet but it may help me in my next quest... (lol) (5 years and 3130 days ago)

Balanced Bicycle - created by Gilert

Balanced Bicycle
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My first entry: I used only the original image. The tires are from the front knob, rims from the scale pans, spokes from the right scale hanging wires, the seat from a rubber foot, the chain from thread on the foot, the gears from the large knob in front, chrome parts from main stand, and the frame from the scale arm with gradiant fill. I used the transform and warp tools a lot. (5 years and 3129 days ago)

Balance your time - created by semas

Balance your time
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My watch with straps made from the source image and dial from an external image. (5 years and 3131 days ago)

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The Car - created by WYSIWYG

The Car
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All source.. (5 years and 3132 days ago)

FAT burger - created by digifix

FAT burger
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(5 years and 3132 days ago)

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