Cousteau's Pool - created by pixelkid

Cousteaus Pool
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Jacques Cousteau's longest running television series "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" ran from 1968 to 1976. Eight years... (5 years and 1481 days ago)

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Fragile - created by pixelkid

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Looks like someone lost the staring contest. Source image only used. Please see high resolution. Thanks. (5 years and 1759 days ago)

Rock Concert - created by pixelkid

Rock Concert
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Poor 'Rocky' got stage fright at the beginning of the show. Was working this idea and then someone beat me to the punch with the "ill" effect. Oh well... (5 years and 1845 days ago)

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Got Boots? - created by pixelkid

Got Boots?
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When you're height challenged, platform boots are the way to go. Source link noted. (5 years and 2404 days ago)

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Duck, Duck, Dunk! - created by pixelkid

Duck, Duck, Dunk!
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Poor duck is now a decoy. Monkey didn't see nuttin'...Sources noted. (5 years and 2432 days ago)

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