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blur is a registered pxl member. His Pxl age is 5 years and 2047 days. He was last seen 5 years and 1982 days ago.

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13 profile comments: ( page 1 of 1)

avatar nishagandhi

hey Blur! check the interview by our friend Anoop on my blog!!

(5 years and 1987 days ago)
avatar Kid
Kid says:

Your work is getting better and better!

(5 years and 2000 days ago)
avatar hereisanoop

see you too my friend.... and I am expecting a big one from you,,,,

(5 years and 2006 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

Congrats blur! Awesome work once again!

(5 years and 2006 days ago)
avatar DanielaOwergoor

Thank you for the compliment about my avatar!!! I'm blushed!
You are very mysterious, Mr. Blur, but an amazing artist!

(5 years and 2010 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

Thanks and congrats too! Amazing artworks you have here, hope to see more Nice work on your SBSs too - learning lots from it, thank you!!

(5 years and 2013 days ago)
avatar DML
DML says:

Congrats for 1st and 3th this week!! great works!!

(5 years and 2014 days ago)
avatar Govindrathod

Welcome to pxleyes... Good job that you have been a top 3 in your 4 entries out of 6. All d best.. Keep up the good work...

(5 years and 2024 days ago)
avatar nishagandhi

u r welcome! ur flower drawing is the best in drawing i have seen on this site! welcome to pxleyes! ur sbs was also so good...i think u must write a tutoral on ur flower drawing

(5 years and 2026 days ago)
avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Welcome to the site. I like your approach to your work, and I wish more members would bother to make a comprehensive SBS as you've done, even though I think you go a bit overboard.

(5 years and 2030 days ago)
avatar George55
George55 says:

Hi, welcome to Pxleyes.... enjoy the artistic crew's art, and good luck at the contests. BTW, I added you to my friends list too.

(5 years and 2031 days ago)
avatar Kid
Kid says:

It's okay to submit drawings in photoshop contests as long as you also include photo manipulation, so your last entry was fine. Congrats for second place though, should've been first imo. Looking forward to your next one

(5 years and 2041 days ago)
avatar samanway
samanway says:

Anytime & hope to see more

(5 years and 2043 days ago)