For Peace.... - created by closedeyes

For Peace....
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It was sent through sky by unknown hands, during war.. with the obvious intension of peace among the all the tribals sharing mother Earth.... (5 years and 1441 days ago)

bird in hand - created by closedeyes

bird in hand
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used round hard brush with low opacity, with shape dynamics, colour dynamics and scattering options...
smudge tool for wood...
and layers set in normal, screen, linear dodge, hard light modes... (5 years and 2138 days ago)

futuristic car - created by closedeyes

futuristic car
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here is the car which i dream to drive some day, in the air, under water and on roads when - as it incorporates features required for all 3 modes...

thanks to Scott Liddell (hot black) for the ground image....

and thanks to Eugenio Rada(earn31) for sky..

thanks to the mods for reminding me of it...:) (5 years and 2392 days ago)

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hobbies - created by closedeyes

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snatched a moment from the living room of this couple...:)

thanks to for photos.. (5 years and 2403 days ago)

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night show - created by closedeyes

night show
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only an attempt to recreate stage show...
no external source... (5 years and 2575 days ago)

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