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animal hobbies

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render - fibre for wood effect...
used basic shapes of cs for the carpet and added noise, blending option for tiles, used marquee tool for the window shape...

Creation of hobbies: Step 1

step 2 of 4

extracted the book and gorilla...
used pen tool to define the shape of her costume, used default brushes for design and shading... added shading in multiply mode...

Creation of hobbies: Step 2
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step 3 of 4

extracted gorilla2.. used pen tool to define the scarf , music player and tennis set...and default brushes to design and shading... used blending mode for the 3d effects....

Creation of hobbies: Step 3
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added shadows with layers in multiple mode... duplicated the obj grps, combined and transformed... 80% opac and 89% fill, gaussian blur 8.9... adjusted the mood of the scene by adding new pink layer... and multiply grad black to white to the room to give the varying light effct...

Creation of hobbies: Step 4

Final result

Creation of hobbies: Final Result

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