A Work in Progress: futuristic car

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futuristic car
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started of with a cone, as i wanted a car which will thrust forward both in water and air as well as road... extrude and bevel are the repeated steps used.... used default cubes for the wings and the spheres for joints... cylinder for the tyres...

Creation of futuristic car: Step 1

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used a plane for ground and sphere for environment... visor - tree for the adding few tree at the bck grnd.... set up the scene, added 2 light - a directional light and ambient light...

Creation of futuristic car: Step 2

step 3 of 4

unwrapped models and painted texture in ps... used splatter brush and motion blur for the lines on plane... rendered clouds and overlayed on the downloaded files in colour mode... rendered master layer and occlusion layer, which was put on master layer in multiply mode....

Creation of futuristic car: Step 3

step 4 of 4

final output...

Creation of futuristic car: Step 4

Final result

Creation of futuristic car: Final Result

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