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used gradient for srceen and rendered fibres for the stage... adjeusted t perspective, and varied the tones to get the 2 diff parts of stage...

Creation of night show: Step 1

step 2 of 5

used grad as pattern, scaled and spherised... used lasso tool to create light boxes and screened diff colours from both direction...
used brushes to create mikes and used blending options for 3d...

Creation of night show: Step 2

step 3 of 5

extracted the knife.. copy pasted t base with horzontal flip... adjusted the shadows and highlights... used brushes for shoes and pentool for curve.. applied blending options to get the 3d effect...used brushes and pentool for hair...and cut the peice of stem for hand...

Creation of night show: Step 3

step 4 of 5

extracted t fork... copied its sharp edges to create hands and fingers... used the splattered brushes to create hair... adjusted the highlights and shadows....used half cut round brushes for shoes... applied blending options to it ...
used custom shape for guitar, rendered fibers...

Creation of night show: Step 4

step 5 of 5

gave details to guitar, the bridge, hollow, strings, str adjuster,and li'l colour match, using brushes and blending option... positioned the guitar...

Creation of night show: Step 5

Final result

Creation of night show: Final Result

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