Brave Fisherman - created by Lelaina

Brave Fisherman
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These shots were taken in Turkey. The waves were crushing against the rock he was standing on, but he just stood there with all the patience and calmness in the world. (5 years and 1235 days ago)

The old question... - created by Lelaina

The old question...
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For a little background story look at the SBS ;) (5 years and 1527 days ago)

Wheel of seasons - created by Lelaina

Wheel of seasons
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I started without really knowing, what I wanted to do, untill I found the compass image. So I started searching at Wikipedia, if there is something I could do with the cardinal directions and I found something. What I made is an image based on the Chinese symbols:

The different symbols are:
-Azure Dragon of the East / Spring
-Vermillion Bird of the South / Summer
-White Tiger of the West / Autumn
-Black Tortoise of the North / Winter
I arranged the animals in this order and added the Chinese name on the two stones directly next to each animal. For each animal was furthermore the fitting tree for that season added.
The other directions, such as North-East are a combination of both images from the North and the East, because they belong together.
I didn't use a single colour scheme for every symbol (they all have their own colours) but added these colours in the whole image.
The centre has the colour yellow, that's why all the ropes are yellow, which lead to the yellow dragon.
I know it's not the typical mandala, but I wanted to make something different :)


Extra sources:
Dragon - Thanks to Hey Mr Glen
Stone - Thanks to Jan Michael IhI
Rope - Thanks to Limonada
Gold texture - Thanks to CG-Textures
Brick wall - Thanks to CG-Textures
Dragon head - Thanks to Sushifactory
Dragon body - Thanks to Sushifactory (5 years and 2265 days ago)

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Balanced by sadness - created by Lelaina

Balanced by sadness
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Inspired by this quote:
There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Carl Jung


In case some of you wonder, how I interpreted this quote:
The nights and days shall be represented through the stars and the daytime background.
The curtain stands for the view you have for your own and also other people's lifes.
The girl represents the happy life, while her clothes stand for the "measure of darkness".
The two sad statues stand for the sadness, which is balancing the happiness.
The rope is in this case completely straight and not bend in the middle where she is standing, because it stands for the strength you need to have, when you feel sadness.
That is the same for the hands. They are part of the sadness, but they are balancing the happiness in form of the horses.


More sources:
Stars - thanks to CGTextures

Stars - thanks to CGTextures

Stars - Thanks to CGTextures (5 years and 2468 days ago)

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Goodbye... - created by Lelaina

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I have the feeling, that I need to explain my thoughts behind this, so I'll do it :)
Some of you may think, that it would make more sense, if he would carry the suitcase, but I wanted to say, that she just arrived at her destination, whilst his journey still goes on.
But she has a strange and inauspicious feeling about this.
That's the reason why the front of the picture is light with green grass and a butterfly on her suitcase, but the background has this dead tree with a raven sitting on it and no grass.
So this shall represent her feelings about his leaving.

That was the first time, that I recovered such a big part. I know it's not perfect, but I hope, it is at least acceptable ;)

Jazza has been notified. (5 years and 2721 days ago)

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