Dragonfly Trinket - created by DigitalDreamer

Dragonfly Trinket
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(5 years and 200 days ago)

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Gone Green - created by DigitalDreamer

Gone Green
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Almost a frozen raindrop on thick piece of green plant

(5 years and 1177 days ago)

Restless Soul - created by DigitalDreamer

Restless Soul
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Thanks to nightfate for the landscape http://nightfateactions.com/shop/winter-reflection-stock

Thanks to =Skybase for the clouds

(5 years and 1277 days ago)

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Leg Lamp - created by DigitalDreamer

Leg Lamp
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Ever wonder what's been up with the leg lamp from A Christmas story? I think she's been working in the film industry again as a light director.

Thanks to *mirengraphics for the street photo :)

Thanks to James Bow for the Light bulb

Thanks to ~DigitalissSTOCK for the legs

Thanks to =night-fate-stock for the texture that was hardly used but still used. (5 years and 1294 days ago)

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Free Bird - created by DigitalDreamer

Free Bird
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Wanted to do free hand with out any kind of resource. It's been a long time since I uploaded something :).

Just a fantasy type image hope you guys like it. (5 years and 1724 days ago)

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