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Heathcliffe is a gal from Isle of Man. Her Pxl age is 5 years and 863 days. She was last seen 1 day 1 hr ago.

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kimartist says:

Thanks for your comment on my avocado pic! Yes, I did replace it for an apple core pic that was an embarrassment to humanity... Lol.

(5 years and 243 days ago)
avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

Hi Heathcliffe. You asked how I did that shot of the snowflakes, but I didn't see the comment at the time. Basically, I pu a black card on a tall kitchen stool to have the flakes show up. I put my tripod next to the stool, used a magnifying filter, a ring light, and a 28mm extension tube. I focused as close as I could get on the card. Then, I slid the card out from underneath and caught some snowflakes (it needs to be a slow, gentle snowfall) and then quickly slid the card back under the lens and quickly shot using a remote shutter release. You have to act fast as they melt quickly, but it was pretty fun seeing all the wonderful crystals that showed up. Good luck and have fun.

(5 years and 244 days ago)
avatar scorpy
scorpy says:

thanks for adding me claire

(5 years and 245 days ago)
avatar gornats
gornats says:

thanks for the fav. Heathcliffe

(5 years and 264 days ago)
avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:

thanks for the fav really appreciated

(5 years and 284 days ago)
avatar InklingsofBlue

Thanks for the comment!

(5 years and 557 days ago)
avatar orientallad

congratulations for the first and second places amazing shots

(5 years and 725 days ago)
avatar orientallad

Congratulations for top place

(5 years and 732 days ago)