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Not exactly splitting the Atom Picture

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Your goal is to take a photo of an object or objects in an envoirment where the texture of the object/s contrasts with the texture of the envoirment. Examples: soft and grunge, metalic and fabric, glass and wood and so on.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: dem90

lincemiope: maybe it's the language, but I see many objects of material mixed, but are devoid of texture. I pray that you specify. thanks ( 5 years and 1031 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Basically, anything that can be touched has a texture. Texture is simply how something feels. It could be smooth, rough, sticky, slick or anything else. This theme is looking for a minimum of two textures that are different. The main subject of the shot should have one type of texture, and the background or second object can have any texture as long as it's different from the first. Hope this helps. ( 5 years and 1030 days ago )

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Not exactly splitting the Atom - created by friiskiwi

Not exactly splitting the Atom
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(5 years and 1033 days ago)

Gone Green - created by DigitalDreamer

Gone Green
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Almost a frozen raindrop on thick piece of green plant

(5 years and 1035 days ago)

A Feather Touch - created by photogirl723

A Feather Touch
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(5 years and 1029 days ago)

Keep that cookware shiney - created by Remsphoto

Keep that cookware shiney
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Polished plated steel needs a little abrasive steel wool to keep it ship shape. (5 years and 1030 days ago)

Careful, these don't play well together. - created by friiskiwi

Careful, these dont play well together.
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(5 years and 1032 days ago)