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Pete is a bloke from Windermere Florida. His Pxl age is 5 years and 2941 days. He was last seen 5 years and 689 days ago.

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avatar patty
patty says:

Congrats for the weekly crown, well deserved

(5 years and 1605 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

I received a private message from a colleague this site, very strange by the way, telling me to take care with the comments that I do - especially with the praise - and I clearly know this will always take my photos for the last place, I do not care and I'm not here to win or lose but learn and make friends. I think we are free to make good comments that make people get excited and do not give up or lose interest in photography or for participation here. Sure, help improve, but there are ways and ways to talk things out. No need to put this post in the photo as competitor, thus influencing the other vote. I know many are here only for the competition and are really playing with people, playing without any scruples and their only purpose is to make that the photos will be deleted or receive bad grades. In this way, many good photos are at the end and the other start. Ok, some deserve first places.. I'm not generalizating. Look, I'm not talking about my work - my photos, and I do not care if after this post I will be deleted from the site. I just believe that certain standards have to be reviewed here. A good week for everyone. And if I will be deleted ... I stay with good friends that I met here.

(5 years and 1625 days ago)
avatar jeaniblog
jeaniblog says:

Thanks for the Fav

(5 years and 1689 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

Tks for your kind comment, I'm only learning and trying to improve every day and with so great photographers as you here at PXL I can take good lessons, thanks again, hugs!

(5 years and 1699 days ago)
avatar Dmitry
Dmitry says:

Thanks a lot Pete for your kind welcoming comments

(5 years and 1751 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

Hello, wish you a nice day! You have a very special photos, congrats!

(5 years and 1757 days ago)
avatar karaflazz
karaflazz says:

A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work with all this beautiful comments!!!

(5 years and 1777 days ago)
avatar patty
patty says:

Thanks Pete

(5 years and 1815 days ago)
avatar patty
patty says:

Hi Pete, I'm sorry, I didn't find your friend request
Maybe you sent it before the old site crash. Thanks a lot for the compliments, you've nothing to learn, your photos too are very beautiful

(5 years and 1842 days ago)
avatar MarcosSanchez

Thanks the nice words and the welcome... I've already seem that you have great photos too, and i will keep trying to bring my best to this group...

(5 years and 1923 days ago)
avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

It was my pleasure. you always do such good work.

(5 years and 1942 days ago)
avatar adibudojo
adibudojo says:

Thanks for accepting me,.... I m a new comer in pxleyes, nice to meet you,...
The Learner.

(5 years and 1953 days ago)
avatar DanielaOwergoor

Hey Pete, thank you so much for your kind words on my profile!
I'm honored!! Thank you!

(5 years and 1979 days ago)
no avatar

Thank you so much for your message and appreciation of my work. Sometimes I do have to wonder about some of the entries.....thanks again. I truly appreciate your comments.

(5 years and 2056 days ago)
avatar Remsphoto
Remsphoto says:

Dimitris, I appreciate your getting back so quickly. Your work is really amazing and every entry shows so much emotion. I'm going to try more and more to learn your wonderful process. Thanks for your info. Pete

(5 years and 2077 days ago)
avatar karaflazz
karaflazz says:

Well Pete...I recently bought a 3 light system from e-bay ( in September).Before that i only had an external flash (a very old one,from a RicohXR-1 & with some patents i manage to do my lob).I bought mine with 270 euros witch is a very good prize.Here is the link "http://www.ebay.com/itm/540w-PHOTOGRAPHY-STUDIO-STROBE-Flash-LIGHT-LIGHTING-KIT-/150618332570?_trksid=p3286.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26o"
It's not suitable for out door use (unless you have power supply near) but for a small room like mine is perfect.

(5 years and 2077 days ago)
no avatar
amgatesmanwilli [banned] says:

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(5 years and 2107 days ago)
avatar orientallad

Congratulations for the second place in car brands contest

(5 years and 2143 days ago)
avatar orientallad

congratulations for winning boxing contest and for second place in chocolate contest

(5 years and 2150 days ago)
avatar JoeCacia
JoeCacia says:

Well Rems A good "Brut" Champagne is your best deal with chocolate
Wonderful entry!!

(5 years and 2154 days ago)