Uncle George's Villa - created by hereisanoop

Uncle Georges Villa
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55 Centuries ago, in the era of evils and monsters there lived a good wizard who fights against them. People called him Uncle George with affection. He killed a lot of monsters but one that could not be destroyed, Still Uncle George managed to lock him in his villa. He advised people to abandon the village and all of them went for a new home with the wizard. The monster starved there for centuries. When his chains and locks were weakened, he was able to set himself free. It hunt all over the jungle and as a result there are no animals left and the monster have to limit his food into bugs, spiders etc.,
And today I have no idea how that little kiddo get in there. May be lost from a picnic. Now the monster has its dinner I think its time for Uncle George to comeback and battle the evil for good.

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Hiii - created by hereisanoop

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Please see in high resolution ..
Drawn in ps with wacom tablet, Used a metal background for the texture to paint the face. (3 years and 4 days ago)

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PiGuana; the vegetarian (may be) - created by hereisanoop

PiGuana; the vegetarian (may be)
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Just for fun.. :) (3 years and 22 days ago)

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when Bat see's the Scarecow - created by hereisanoop

when Bat sees the Scarecow
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just using my imagination... and inspiration from the batman movies.... (5 years and 335 days ago)

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The Treasure Hunters - created by hereisanoop

The Treasure Hunters
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“The four companions from the ‘pxl world’ are on a treasure hunt. There are many hidden in the jungle. But they have the Magical pxl bolt which emerges light when the treasure is near. oh.. yeah.., the bolt is glowing, they found the first one …
Hmmm… Mr. blur is still seems little angry. (I know why) coz he doesn’t had his dinner yet. The robo girl (Tk) must be tired. she is travelling for four weeks. The avatar kid (hereisanoop) is very happy. (He should be).. riding the camel is very funny. The crew leader (krigios) is pretty relaxed and he have to plan for the rest of the treasure. “

I have asked permission to my fellow contestants for using their avtars and usernames in my entry. Happy that they allowed me to do so…
I dedicate this entry to them and of course ‘Robvdn’ who made this wonderful contest idea… J

Caricatured ‘Krigios’ and ‘hereisanoop’ taking their avatars as reference.
Character inspiration for ‘blur’ from the load balance contest , along with his avatar in the cap.

‘tk’ itself reminds me the name of a robot . So tk represented as the ‘lady robo’ along with her avatar.

Please see it in high-resolution and please check the sbs... :) (5 years and 550 days ago)

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