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Uncle George

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Halloween is coming soon, so for this contest you are the mad scientist and will create a new monster that we've never seen before! It's got to be as scary as it is original. You can combine animals with other animals or with insects, birds, fish, or even people. Or, just make up anything you think will frighten us.

You could tell us what special abilities or characteristics your monster has... does it fly, is it super strong or breathe fire? It can be human sized or gigantic, whatever size or shape you desire. Use your imagination and show us what kind of horror lurks in your mind.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Uncle George's Villa - created by hereisanoop

Uncle Georges Villa
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55 Centuries ago, in the era of evils and monsters there lived a good wizard who fights against them. People called him ‘Uncle George’ with affection. He killed a lot of monsters but one that could not be destroyed, Still Uncle George managed to lock him in his villa. He advised people to abandon the village and all of them went for a new home with the wizard. The monster starved there for centuries. When his chains and locks were weakened, he was able to set himself free. It hunt all over the jungle and as a result there are no animals left and the monster have to limit his food into bugs, spiders etc.,
And today I have no idea how that little kiddo get in there. May be lost from a picnic. Now the monster has it’s dinner… I think it’s time for Uncle George to comeback and battle the evil for good.

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Fear The Full Moon - created by George55

Fear The Full Moon
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He was a guy like many... he did not know about a curse that haunted his family for generations. His father died of unknown illnesses. His mother never told him about his fate... until one day, he walked in the woods, and there was a bright full moon shinning above, and he started to feel the transformation.... that is when he became a killer.... (5 years and 835 days ago)

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The Walking Joker - created by Mike

The Walking Joker
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In a post apocaliptic Gotham, the Joker arises from the dead to command an army of undead enemies and take control of the city... would batman win this battle?

Why so serious...

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I'm glad to chop back, it's been a while and i felt a bit rusty, but i like the result. Hope you like it as well :) (5 years and 832 days ago)

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Forest Titan - created by musicj19

Forest Titan
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Vines and eyes created in Photoshop. (5 years and 834 days ago)

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MishoMonster - created by CorneliaMladenova

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