AirCrane Model-Kit - created by sunzet

AirCrane Model-Kit
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From Wikipedia:
"The Aircrane can be fitted with a 2,650-gallon (~10,000 litre) fixed retardant tank to assist in the control of bush fires, and it has proved itself admirably in this role.
Erickson gives each of its S-64s an individual name, the best-known being "Elvis", used in fighting fires in Australia." (5 years and 2282 days ago)

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Weather in binary degrees - created by sunzet

Weather in binary degrees
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This is a weatherstation wich I did in Photoshop. No sources used except for the background. (5 years and 2383 days ago)

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She´s mine! - created by sunzet

She´s mine!
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Divorcing parents fighting over the daughter, who tells them what she feels.

Thanks DAVIDKNOX and demordian at (5 years and 2335 days ago)

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Fight Club - created by sunzet

Fight Club
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Lots of drawing and blending; darken and lightnen, some smudge, some blur, some noise added... (5 years and 2301 days ago)

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Legoship - created by sunzet

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I got inspired by my 7 year old sons legocreativity. Although I choose one o his simpliest work... (5 years and 2317 days ago)

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