He puts me on a diet!!! - created by ricky777

He puts me on a diet!!!
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Touch me not! (5 years and 2394 days ago)

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was silenced by a moth - created by ricky777

was silenced by a moth
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1. select and place the head of the boy in a background w/ a black and white gradient color....clone the mouth away.
2. desaturate the head and make a sepia tone.
3. color both side of the poster white/black accordingly and the lower left dark blue.
4. use a soft brush around the face, white on the left and black on the right side, to have a fade effect.
5. add a film grain filter
6. use dodge on the left side of the face to remove film grain and lighten face.
7. use burn tool on the right face to darken.
8. select and put the moth on mouth. make new layer and color the mouth then set them to 'linear burn'.
9. put skull on moth and place text. (5 years and 2427 days ago)

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Warning: Elemental at Play - created by ricky777

Warning: Elemental at Play
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(5 years and 2412 days ago)

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If You Knew - created by ricky777

If You Knew
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If You Knew
by: Catherine

If you knew would you still love me,
would you still want me?
Would you make fun of me, or tell me to grow up,
or would you comfort me and help me grow strong?

If you knew would you be embarrased of me,
and ask me how I could be so stupid?
Would you tell me to just stop, and not
understand that I need help?

You see I can't tell you until I know
what you would do if you knew. (5 years and 2406 days ago)

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To Sink or Not to Sink! - created by ricky777

To Sink or Not to Sink!
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(5 years and 2418 days ago)

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