Champagne Diver - created by RayTedwell

Champagne Diver
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(5 years and 2531 days ago)

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Tap Shoes - created by RayTedwell

Tap Shoes
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For the man who is tired of having to always walk all the way to the bar to get the next round... buy the special lady in your life the latest in practical fashion!

These stylish heels come with a built in beer tap, and a discrete position to attach the hose.

For a real beer on the go, buy your lady the refrigerated 'keg in a backpack' which she can wear, and dispense beer whenever you need it - day or night!

Hope you enjoy, it gave me a chuckle, I'm wondering if I'll be able to patent these... :) (5 years and 2453 days ago)

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Seduction Bot v3.1 - created by RayTedwell

Seduction Bot v3.1
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In a post-skynet future, the machines build a sophisticated bot that attracts then kills human males.

This bot, having physically disabled her latest assignment, prepares to administer a lethal injection. Unfortunately as she prepares the dose, she is alerted that her power reserves are low so she must retreat to the lab to recharge.

She is a sophisticated killing machine, and you dont even want to see the surprises that lay within her groin panel. ;D

Please take the time to view full and appreciate the details. Please also leave a comment or critique! (5 years and 2274 days ago)

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Sunshine - created by RayTedwell

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The tongue twister is 'We surely shall see the sun shine again'.

I have gone for a bit of a different style to most of the others here, and not taken such a literal interpretation of the words. I have tried to show that despite the somewhat blue sky, the death of a loved one can plunge our world into darkness. The 'surely see the sun shine again' is symbolised by the feint ray of light shining on the girl, and the single bloom on a seemingly dead tree.

I hope that makes sense and that you like the image, comments appreciated. (5 years and 2448 days ago)

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skinny horse - created by RayTedwell

skinny horse
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Bred to fit in to smaller horse trailers to save owners on gas money :) (5 years and 2294 days ago)

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