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Many of us have seen chops of cars into miniature versions (as done so brilliantly by Solkee). The aim of this contest is to apply the same concept to an animal. As examples, you may choose to make a two legged dog or shorten a sausage dog.
Make the chops as realistic as possible so it looks like this is the way the animal was born.

Required level: 8+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: RayTedwell

RayTedwell: I'm really glad this one was chosen, we're getting some great entries! ( 5 years and 1795 days ago )
Drivenslush: we're getting some super wackie entries .. awesome ( 5 years and 1795 days ago )
solkee: Ray, you are far too kind. ( 5 years and 1793 days ago )
RayTedwell: About the quality of the entries, or about the quality of your chops Solkee? 'Cos I couldn't be too kind about the latter! ( 5 years and 1793 days ago )
cabldawg71: this is a dang good contest indeed ( 5 years and 1791 days ago )
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G-rafft - created by SOLARIS

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If the title means nothing to you, means something like nested or compacted.
I see Im not the only one with that Idea. Well, happens.

Thanks to emwi (5 years and 1797 days ago)

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Little Big Head - created by solkee

Little Big Head
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This is the problem with evolution sometimes. The big head can cause a terrible imbalance.

All done with just the source image. See SBS for details.
High Res uploaded to your convenience. (5 years and 1793 days ago)

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cloning issues (recloned) - created by SOLARIS

cloning issues (recloned)
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well, real cloning does´nt always produces the best results.

Thanks to andrewp001 (5 years and 1797 days ago)

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Kaht - created by RickLaMesa

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(5 years and 1795 days ago)

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Kind O' Liz - created by George55

Kind O Liz
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Nature working at its best. This compact lizard is now almost exterminated, like many kinds of animals.

Thanks to spygirl, for the pic of the lizard.

Thanks to snappler, for the pic of the bark texture. (5 years and 1797 days ago)

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