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How Your Meter Works - Photography Tutorial

All exposure systems, including the one built into your digital camera, operate on the same general principles. A meter continuously measures the light reflecting from the subject and uses this measurement when you press the shutter button halfway down to calculate and set the shutter speed and aperture.

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Photographing Fireworks - Photography Tutorial

Firework photography presents some technical challenges; learning how to photograph fireworks successfully needs quite a different approach to most other subjects but follow these few steps carefully and you will be successful. What are we photographing?

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How to Shoot Fireworks Displays - Photography Tutorial

Fireworks Displays are something that evoke a lot of emotion in people as they are not only beautiful and spectacular to watch but they also are often used to celebrate momentous occasions.
In today's photography tutorial we will teach you how to shoot stunning fireworks photos.

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How to Photograph Fireworks - Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to photograph fireworks? Do you need to have a manual SLR (Single Reflective Lens) to achieve nice shots? Here are some tips, guides, and recommendations on how you can achieve some eye-catching creative photography.

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How to Shoot Fireworks - Photography Video Tutorial

This video shows into simple and plain English how to set up your camera for the upcoming 4th of July firework display(s). Enjoy!

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Long Exposures with Sparklers and Fireworks - Photography Video Tutorial

One way to enjoy sparklers and fireworks is to simply observe them as a spectator. It might also be fun to blow a few things up yourself, but as a photographer one can do what photographers do best and that is to create beautiful images using time exposure.

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