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Photo Editing - Multiple Lessons - Photography Tutorial

In the 'good old days', when we had finished the day's photography, we would disappear into the darkroom and spend hours breathing in the fumes of nasty, smelly chemicals in the pursuit of our art, now we have Adobe Photoshop.

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Printing and Archiving your Photos - Photography Tutorial

If we examine all the reasons there are for taking photographs, we think that most people would agree that the number one reason would be as a memory to be kept. You may be quite alarmed to realize then, that our digital photos are more vulnerable than ever to the ravages of time.

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What to Do with Your Photos - Photography Tutorial

So you've become a good photographer, been out and applied all your new knowledge and now you have some pretty decent photos to show for it. Your friends have all looked at them and say they're great and one or two really are quite good, what are you going to do with them now? Just let them languish on your hard drive? Print a few out and stick them in a drawer? Maybe frame a couple and hang them on the wall but there isn't room for very many.

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Troubleshooting: No More Bad Photos - Photography Tutorial

Running into problems when taking photographs over, and over again? Here’s a handy guide that will help you troubleshoot your problems, and improve your shots all at once!

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Beginner Street Photos - Photography Tutorial

We all have to start somewhere with our photography and one of the big questions we get asked by students is where do we begin. There is just so much to learn and not enough subjects to shoot. That may or may not be true. Our answer is street photography. Why? Let’s read on.

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No More Blurred Photo's... Ever! - Photography Video Tutorial

A blurred photo is fit only for the bin, so watch as we show you how to get pin sharp results everytime.

Best of all many of the techniques demonstrated are free and require no extra kit.

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Cross Process Effects - Photography Video Tutorial

A wet day doesn't stop us from taking and making a cross processed style of image.

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Using an Image to Create a Backdrop - Photography Video Tutorial

In the age of Photoshop some good old techniques are being forgotten. Back in the day, snow or beach scenes where created right inside the studios. Photographers also traveled more often to shoot at exotic locations. Nowadays, most of that magic is done in Photoshop by combining studio shot images with stock photos.

Sometimes using the technique demonstrated in the video can save you time and will help create a rewarding image.

Watch this photography tutorial video to learn how to create a realistic backdrop using photograph or a painting.

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